week 4.......OMG!

so - after a successful week 3 - i was looking forward to week 4 - all be it with some trepidation - but - dear Lord - i did NOT expect this!

for the first time ever, I've known pain - i hope i feel better about the whole thing on wednesday for run 2.

its been a year since I've had my back operation, I've been taking things slowly and have been finding that i can do low level walks (for pleasure) and find i am able to go farther each time before any pain kicks in. This has taken the full year.

this is why i thought i'd try the C25K? - I thought i'd take it easy and plod on - using the treadmill at home - and i can say I was quite chuffed (and amazed) at my progress - BUT - tonight, the 3 min followed by 5 mins gave me my first ever back ache:(.....

im actually gutted - i was torn with the decision of "do i stop? its hurting my back?" ......or "do i run with it, push on to the end even though my backs killing me?" ??

i decided to just go for it and at the end of each of the 5 minute runs my back was totally aching, but i did notice that during the walking/warm down, the paid DID actually subside again, so by the end of the podcast the pain was almost gone - so.....

im gonna do it again on wednesday and HOPEFULLY i'll feel less pain?

i'll be totally gutted if i find this type of programme just isn't for me? I've really got my head around it and cant wait to be able to say 'i'm going for a run' and NOT be dreading it?... indeed i was hoping to find it a pleasure and get 'the bug' etc.

i'm taking ibuprofen to keep any swelling down and hope i can get thru this.

whats everyone else's take on previous injuries/medical conditions etc? does it sound right that i just keep 'going for it'?

any advice/tips etc would be really appreciated.

thanks guys.

Kaz x


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22 Replies

  • Aches, pains and niggles are very common in the early stages of taking up running. Variousl muscles do grumble at being asked to do new things.

    With that said, it is generally better to be safe than sorry and running through the pain, especially given your history, might not be wise.

    I think all of us would be reluctant to give you advice but at the very least give it an extra day's rest and make sure you feel 100% before your next run.

    Let's hope it's nothing serious.

  • thank you so much for your reply - i do feel ok now and i'll defo be resting tomorrow - I'm already a wee bit excited and looking forward to wednesday to see how i feel when i actually start running.....waiting to see if i begin to ache etc etc...

    i'm very hopeful it will hurt less??.....i'm really hoping it goes well ...watch this space.;)..

  • Probably in this case, because it is an existing condition, maybe, it would be a sensible idea to get it checked out by your doctor.

    Our body does respond, sometimes negatively, to exercise it is not used to, ( especially in the early days of the programme), but we ignore the messages it gives us at our peril!

    I know.. I ignored a twinging knee, ( and that was after Graduation ... ouch! There is often a difference between , 'unused to this, exercise', aches and pains and real pain...:(

    You have been building up slowly prior to the programme and taking it gently; but the runs are getting longer now... so, it would be wise to take it steady. An extra rest day could be an idea.. do you have exercises that you used after your back operation?

    As with many injuries rest and pain relief is useful, but the underlying problem maybe needs addressing.

    I am sorry to sound such a prophet of doom.. but back pain.. horrid and can be really incapacitating, and cause long reaching problems, as you know.

    Hopefully. a good rest and maybe some appropriate exercise may help, then head out again and see how it goes...take it very, very, slow and steadily, and really, really try to land lightly, light steps with no pounding on impact:)

    I feel sure this will sort, but you are doing so well, it would be horrid for this to stop your great progress... take care of yourself and keep us posted :) x

  • Hi - thanks for your reply - I've read all the comments and taken them on board - I've also left a msg with the spinal nurse who dealt with me last year and i'll get her opinion on everything - I've pain free since the run last night so i reckon i'm gonna give it a wee try tomorrow night again and i'll see if/when the pain kicks in - i am optimistic but i'll be gutted if this goes against me.... watch this space. x

  • Steady as you go then... if twinges kick in... stop and walk ? :)

  • I'm with Oldfloss on this one. You would be wise to ask your doctor/consultant for some advice. It may be that they would recommend strengthening exercises/physio for your back to slot in between the runs ....

    Better to be safe than sorry....

    Look after yourself. 🤓

  • hi - thanks for your reply - I've left a msg with the spinal nurse who worked with me last year - i've asked for her opinion on the matter, I've also listened to your advice re the 'old back exercises' - there are some stretches etc i used to do so i'm gonna incorporate them on the 'rest days' as you suggested - lets see what tom night brings - I'm gonna give it a try and see if/when the pain kicks in and take it from there - thanks again x

  • I think it's important to listen to your body. Given your previous issues I'd suggest checking with your doctor before pushing on through the pain. You could stay with w3 until you get the green light or even add an extra short run. It may take longer but I'm sure you can get there.

  • hi - thanks for your reply and advice. yeah I've been in touch with the spinal nurse who worked with me last year and and waiting to hear from here - i think i'm going to try again tomorrow night and see if/when the pain kicks in - i am also thinking about the repeating of week three maybe for a few weeks - lets see what tomorrow night brings - wish me luck - x

  • I'd agree with the others. Get advice from your GP or a physio, and see if there are any exercises you can do to strengthen your back.

    I'd also add, though, that if you've been able to do the week 3 runs without pain, I'd try building up more gradually from week 3 to week 4 - I did this for my knee and it worked. The sudden jump in time gave me pain and I had to stop, so when I restarted I did each of the first few weeks twice, then did several extra weeks running about 30 seconds beyond each run segment in week 3. When I was utterly bored of that podcast, I went on to week 4, but stopped running before the end of each run segment. So by the time I started week 4 properly I'd built up to it and it was fine.

    This may not work for you, and I am not a doctor or physio, so I offer it only as a reflection on what worked for me in a different situation!

    I hope you manage to find a way that works for you... :)

  • thanks for your reply - i like your idea about repeating earlier weeks etc - i can see this may be the way forward - I'm waiting to hear from the spinal nurse who worked with me last year and I've decided to try one more time on W4R2 tomorrow night and see if/when the pain kicks in - i'll take it easy and listen to my body tho - thanks again for your advice - watch this space!.. x

  • Well done on W3 kazdoc , knew you could do it!

    Back pain is such a bummer isn't it? Is it muscular? Is it the joints? I have no idea how I did it, but mine 'went' at the weekend and I was practically dragging my right leg behind me because it wouldn't do as I asked. It was my sciatic nerve again! I was absolutely gutted as I was starting W5 on Monday. I took some Diclofenac, hubby rubbed on some 10% Ibuprofen gel, and I got to work rolling around on a tennis ball, lying on the landing with legs down the stairs and stretching over the back of the Chesterfield settee - hey! judge not it works for me :o . Took a few hours, but then it was absolutely fine and I did my run yesterday with not a twinge. Then last night whilst out walking, the other leg 'packed up' just for a few seconds. So, my back is obvs a bit fickle at the minute, but the muscles that I am building up during the C25K can only be a good thing. You'll know whether you can or you can't do a run. Go see the Doc and ask the question if you need to put your mind at rest. But just be sensible about the programme and stretch, stretch, stretch, and then stretch some more! Try Pilates for back pain on the NHS Choices website. I don't feel the warm down walk is enough to stretch me out, so always do a few stretches afterwards. Take care and I look forward to reading how you're doing :) ...xx

    PS I write this from personal experience and one size does not fit all!

  • hi - thanks for your reply - i had a spinal stenosis - one vertibrae sticking out of place and hitting my spinal column - they opened me up and basically shoved it back into place and bolted it in the middle of the vertebrae above and below it - 6 hour op and 4 months off work - we are a year down the line now and I've built up my walking etc - I'm 56 only 5 ft tall and over 12 stone - I've joined slimming world and wanted to try something different to get fitter and shift some weight - i will be gutted if i cant carry on - there was no more pain after the actual warm down etc so I'm really hopeful to try again tomorrow night and i'll take it east and see if/when the pain kicks in again - wish me luck! x

  • Ouch! I have had slipped discs in my back and neck which was bad enough! Really struggling with my neck at the minute :( ...xx

  • Hi - just wanted to mention I've checked out the nhs pilates for back pain and it looks ideal - just 30 mins long - so I've decided to do this on my 'rest days' - that way i'm doing at least 30 mins exercise each day but specifically 'helping' my back :) - thanks for the advice.


    Kaz x

  • It's a good'n! Hope it helps :)

    Just watched the weather and looks like it's going to be nice or me to run at about 1pm tomorrow - Yikes 20 mins!! :D Bring it on...xx

  • I would definitely second the advice to get things checked with your doctor - better safe than sorry! Having said that, when you do run again, try to be very aware of your posture. Keep upright and make sure you are pulling your belly button in as much as you can. Also make sure you are taking small steps and landing with your foot underneath your center of mass. Overstriding leads to myriad problems. Take it easy - go slow. Good luck!

  • hi - thanks for your advice, i'm waiting to hear from the spinal nurse who worked with me last year and see what she thinks - i'll definitely be careful tho - i reckon i'll give W4R2 another go tomorrow night, watch for warning signs and see what happens - thanks again - x

  • Oh Kaz , sorry to hear about your back pain , here's hoping for a positive response from your spinal nurse .

    Fingers crossed for you xxx

  • kazdoc you're a hoot!!!! Everyone says "take an EXTRA rest day.... get it checked medically..." etc

    And you say "thanks for you're reply, I'm listening, I'm waiting to hear from my spinal nurse and AFTER my run tomorrow night, I'll see!!!!!!"

    I think what EVERYONE is trying to tell you is "TAKE AN EXTRA REST DAY (i.e. Don't run tomorrow, do it on Thursday!" And WAIT till you got proper medical advice!!! 😉

  • hahaha thanks for your comments - i do agree with everyones advice but its in my nature to not let things beat me! haha. its a flaw!

    i DID decide to do W4R2 tonight - I've just finished - and I'm VERY glad to report no back ache! YAY!!!.....admittedly i DID run a wee bit slower but only just, and i just felt the usual exhausted, sweaty and heavy legs at the end so I'm HOPING the old back ache was just glitch? bad day at the office type of thing? - anyway - needless to say i'm now very conscious of it and i will be looking for warning signs etc - rest day tomoz then lets see what friday brings! :) ...x

  • You go girl...xx

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