Week 4 struggles

I do great on the first 3 min run and the first 5 min run, but by the last 5 min run I'm really struggling. I think part of the problem is that I tend to subconsciously speed up with there's cars going past or people I feel are watching me as I feel they will think I'm soooo slow. I obviously need to stop that and keep going at my own pace as I wouldn't struggle so much then. Dreading week 5 as the runs get even harder.


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15 Replies

  • Funny Determined92, I caught myself doing this too. I now tell myself that it is much more important to pace myself and make sure I finish the run without stopping.

    Slow and steady, the programme works, trust it and yourself.

    You'll do fine. Well done so far and good luck :)

  • Don't worry about week 5 and don't dread it. Take your time and relax, run at a comfortable pace for yourself. Just think about how proud you feel after each run. It will get you through. Congrats on your progress so far. I felt I had turned a corner and the plan got much easier once I got towards the end of week 6. Your building strength and stamina now, keep it up.👍

  • Well stop it! Slowwwwwwwwwww, slow, slower. Slow is the way to go didn't you know. LOL

    Honestly, this programme is just fab, and you will nail these runs by going oh-so-steady.

    If you go at it like a bull at a gate you will get hurt and have to pack up, so .....

  • I didn't say I went like a bull at a gate. I said I had been going really slowly but subconsciously speeding up.

  • I'm with you 😳

    I managed W4R2 after a similar run to your W4R1. Thought I had it!

    Then this morning W4R3, I even struggled with the first 5 mins. I'm not sure I could run any slower.

  • Sorry, but the runs in Week 5 do not 'get even harder'. They get longer/further but your body has been adapting for each week. You have more stamina and endurance than you did in the earlier week, and the program is conditioning you for the upcoming week. So you'll be ready for Week 5. Trust the programme.

  • This is so very true! The hardest run by far for me has been W1R1. Despite the step up each week, I've been amazed that I can do it! (In saying that, my legs were like jelly on today's warm down walk...).

    This programme is just incredible. I cannot believe I've made it this far!

  • They feel like they get harder to me though, that was my point. I am trusting the programme, that's why I'm continuing each week.

  • Okay so here's the hard truth. People are mostly too wrapped up in themselves to notice you or the speed they are doing. Also, they can't tell how far or for how long you have been running. For all they know you could be in your last 400m of a HM.

    Also: You found it hard - but you did it!

    That's why this programme works. You push yourself for longer each run to what you think is your limit, but because of the work you put in, the next week you are able to run further, for longer than you believed possible - who knew?

  • I have the opposite problem in that my first run in each week, W4 this week, is the hardest for me. I always want to stop but after the first one I sort of get into it. I do get a bit self conscious on busier routes but also find the pavements are better so tend to stick to them. Am going to fall on my face one day when I run past a set of shops and try to look in the mirror to see if I'm running like an idiot. Try and zone out and go at your own pace. I think I am running too fast so have just downloaded an app recommended on here to judge my pace. Will kick in more next week though when the continuous runs start. Keep going!

  • Speeding up subconsciously is fine 😃

    I know you didn't mention bull at a gate 🙂

  • Sorry I didn't mean my message to come across as rude.

    Yeah, I speed up subconsciously but then realise I'm going too fast and I'm pooped so have to slow right back down. I need to work on a steady pace really.

    Thanks for your replies :)

  • Hello!! I had the same problems with week 4. I completed week 4 run 1 but had to go back to a walk in the second 3 minute run on run 2 and 3 so I ended up repeating the week. I felt a bit disheartened doing this but I actually felt a lot stronger doing it again and repeated all 3 training sessions successfully all be it the running sections very steady. For me it was a tricky week so you are not alone. I nearly gave up because I thought I'd reached my limit but I didn't and I'm so pleased I pushed on. You are doing great and like I say I had the exact same issues. Xx

  • That's ok 😃 I didn't think you did 🙂

    As you get fitter the pace settles down a bit because your breathing gets less ragged, and it starts falling into place 🙂

    It's more fun once it feels less frenetic 🙂

  • Firstly - don't think ahead concentrate on now. Even if you can while running, just run this step.....

    Ignore the people in the cars they are probably ignoring you.

    You also say you are struggling, but not that you stopped, so you did it! Be proud of that.

    Trust the programme to increase at a rate that works.

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