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Ditching podcasts after week 6?

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone else stopped using the podcasts after week 6? Since the sessions turned into constant running with no walking breaks, I've switched to timing myself with the RunKeeper app and using my own music. It's working pretty well so far! (Though I do kinda miss Laura's super-upbeat encouragement!) :-)

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Yes Miss A, I did just that, and kinda missed Laura too - but I had found it a bit disconcerting when she said a few times that I was about halfway through a run ... I became deflated - I preferred the 'only another minute to go' messages. When I put my own play lists together after calculating the total time on Media Player, I popped on a really silly tune as my 'jolt/wake up' signal that I'd completed the run for that day. I knew I'd never remember the order of my own tracks ... But I did remember that when the Monty Python tune started, I'd have done 25, 28, 30 or whatever number of minutes! I did wonder about putting on the 1812 overture, or Halleluia Chorus or somesuch .... Anything to herald that Eureka moment when you've completed! :D

BTW, hasn't HU recently introduced another format of the programme which can run over your own tracks? Too late for me, but I'm sure a more recent graduate will soon advise!

Good luck, it's getting out there and doing it which matters most! Cheers, Linda ;)

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Hi Miss A, I did exactly that - I created customised workouts on RunKeeper and then just used my playlists. This actually seemed to lead to me running for longer as well which was an added bonus.

I will take on boarsd LMS's tip about using a track to signify the end of the days workout - Good spot!



It seems as though many of us have gone this way - mainly because the music on the podcast is so awful!

I enjoy running to my own choice of music better and runkeeper counts off each five minutes for me as I just have a variety of tracks on shuffle.


Week 6, I didn't even get to finish week 1 run 1. Just used the times from the website and endomondo pro. (And a little bit of tweaking of the times to suit my needs and abilities...)


I found it all a bit deflating to be told by Laura that I'd only run 10 mins or whatever when it actually felt more like 40 lol ! But apart from that I preferred to listen to my own music as it seemed to take my mind off my plodding and it just feels so great when I check my time and realise I've run further than I had to. Happy running! :)


Sorry - but my podcasts don't include music!!!!

What's gone wrong?


I've just completed week 4 this morning and I switched from using the podcasts after week 3 to using the app instead. Laura says all the same things but a timer is displayed and you can have your own music playing instead of the awful podcast stuff


I've done it all on a treadmill, since it's very hot where I am and I need the air conditioning! W7R1 was a real bummer for me - I stopped after 20 mins. My husband worked with me for a couple of hours over the weekend, putting together a playlist of 'happy' songs. I finally uploaded them to my phone before trying W7R2 last night and it was absolutely brilliant. So, yes, sadly, I'm another one who's ditched Laura at this stage because the music is unbearable. Also, I agree with your comment that the 'you're halfway' etc was a bit deflating. In the longer runs I prefer to just get distracted about how long I've been going for, and run on auto-pilot.


Yes, I did too as the podcasts+my music+mapmywalk caused the podcasts to stop. I like Laura so still listen to her for the walks at either end, but am running to distance on mapmywalk (3x4k for W7, 3x4.5k for W8 and hopefully 3x5K for W9)


I've just completed w7 r1 and felt that the music this week was the worst yet. I haven't really minded the music so far to be honest but did finish this run thinking - I don't think I could listen to this twice more. There seemed to be lots more instrumental. I think I may have to look into my own music but will miss the other Laura


I got fed up with Laura and the music by week 7 when I was doing the C25K, and switched to Zombies Run - you listen to a story and it plays your own music in between, and you get chased by zombies!. It keeps me interested, otherwise I get easily bored. But I had few weeks off and struggled so I went straight back to Laura's encouragement.


Yes -- I found that I cannot run to music. Unless the beat of the music coincides exactly with the beat of my pounding feet, I find it to be very off-putting. So I just programmed the interval timings of the C25K programme into Runkeeper and now still do.


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