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Stepping stone podcasts?

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Has anyone used the speed podcast ? I have been using the first one for several months but am beginning to tire of the music so thought I would try the speed one. The thing is its all over so quickly that it doesn't really feel like a run! I've found the running really fast for a minute really knackering but it seems to end before its begun.

What do people think? Should I just go back to my 30/35 Mon run or give the speed another try?

I really need something to motivate me as I'm getting a bit jaded!

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Not much help here as I haven't tried any of them yet. In fact, I just downloaded them this evening so watch this space.

I'm a bit concerned about 'speed' myself. A very slow and steady jog raises no eyebrows around my way, but someone pelting down the street at top speed a lovely shade of beetroot just might.

I'm sure many on here have used them and can give a more informative view!

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I have been using all three podcasts and quite enjoy the Speed one. As you say, it's a quick 'workout', but I feel that it stretches me physically. Recently, I pondered on the idea of repeating the interval section twice! Just an idea....

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I prefer Audiofuel's Pyramid 180 to Speed but they are quite similar and they definitely have a useful place in the repertoire. I find them especially useful when I don't have a lot of time (obviously) or more importantly, and curiously, when I am not feeling much like a run.

Does sound as though mixing things up and having a greater variety of types of run might be helpful for you.

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I use speed once a week, partly because it gives me a good workout in a short time. Last week I jogged for 10 minutes before the intervals instead of 5 you could try that. ..

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I do the Speed one if I don't have much time, usually once a week, twice, when I run to a walking group, do the walk and then Speed home again. I was alternating all three each week but now I do a Parkrun once a week so I don't tend to do the Stamina one.

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Have you tried Stamina? Or just your own taste in music tracks?

My fave is Stamina but we are all different and what suits one won't suit all.

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I sometimes double up Speed to stretch it out a bit - with a bit of a walk in the middle. But if this is a "maintenance run" try working out which BPM level you are most comfortable with - and use to find some tracks you like to build a playlist on your MP3 player or using someting like spotify. It can be time consuming but I've built a spotify playlist at about 155-165 BPM with some fab songs and it really helps! You can also use this to sttrech your runs by length!

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Always so impressed with the thoughtful comments on here. Thanks everyone.

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