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End of week 6 :)

What a lovely morning. Not too cold but with a nice crispness that slides over the skin with a delightful prickle. Not enough to hurt but just enough that you can feel it.

I climbed my hill without pause, using it as my warm up walk, ran for 12.5 minutes so smoothly and easily until my knees kicked in with an increasingly difficult to ignore mutter. Lungs and heart wanted to try a faster pace but knees threatened to strike if we did so we continued at a slightly better than usual pace and finished the 25 minutes plus 1 because no-one likes to give into threats, do they?

My son gave me a congratulatory hug and my little dog was skipping round to join in the celebrations.

A good morning and a good run.

Happy and satisfied :) x

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Nice post and well done finishing W6....3 to go 🏃‍♀️😊

I tried upping the pace yesterday but my lungs were having none of it...slow and steady my head told me, don’t want to overdo it with Graduation tomorrow 😀

Keep it up, you’ll smash it I’m sure 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😘

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Lovely. Week seven was my favourite- enjoy your running :)

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Why week 7, Helen? Was it because you felt like a runner? I've enjoyed them all for different reasons but the end of last week was when I started to feel like a runner :)


Because I discovered an inner confidence that I was going to get to the end of the programme, that I was a runner after all :)

Also I liked running without the intervals.

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Yes, the end of week five was where I suddenly knew that I could do it. I was still a little nervous at the beginning of today's run but halfway through it was all fine. Next run I will take painkillers before the run so that there are no muttering ;)


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