Done it wk 6 r1

And what a lovely morning it was for it , suns gone in now I've finished I had to throw my jacket in back garden half way through ! Ankle complaining as usual , so off to sweat shop with trainers I purchased to see if I can get some advice , shoes feel great but sick of sore ankle now ! ' I'll probably end up buying the insoles they recommended last time . Any way I've done it got ice on it and took 2 ibrufen , should be ok in 5 .


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6 Replies

  • Wow, r-e-s-p-e-c-t! Well done you! You sound so cooool about it! Funny how we're all beginning to sound like 'proper' runners now! Fantastic Rockette :-)

  • Ha ha thanks jenwrenarm , I don't stress over it now that's true, I think well if I don't succeed I can repeat it till I do . Good luck with your next runs , we will all have graduated before we know it .

  • I tell myself that I'm not bothered about repeating but secretly I would be! I finally did Run 1 of Wk 5 yesterday. It was Ok actually - then my MP3 player broke and I was a bit high and dry in the dark! Did you find that it was better not having such long walks in between? That's sort of what I'm thinking at the moment. I'm wondering if I should repeat Run 1 since it went a bit pear-shaped. Are you finding it easier running for longer in Wk 6 than with all the stop/starts?

  • Yes , funnily enough I do prefer no walk breaks . I get running and stopping seems to make it harder . I wouldn't repeat run , did you do your times do you know ?

  • I think so. I looked at the wallchart when I got back and thought I'd actually done more than I realised.

  • Yes I was same when I lost my app , I only dare stop when the play list ended lol . It's awfull when u don't know what's what . I've just had a little windfall & looking at garmins on amazon , I'm seriously thinking about getting one amazon are the cheapest . I like the pink forerunner , well onwards & upwards from now on where getting better by every run , even doing more than we should , ha ha newyork marathon here we come !

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