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Wk 9 / R3.... 5k done

I'm absolutely elated, I've completed the C25k with my final run actually being 5k. Ok it took 41mins but I was determined to graduate in style and Boy I loved every minute of todays run,

Petal51, Greenlegs, Fingalo and many others, I thank you all big time for giving me this wonderful feeling and sense of achievement. Along the way I have laughed with you, cried with you but more importantly you have all provided motivating, inspiring advice and encouragement.

To everyone who has just started or half way through the program, have faith and belief in yourself and the program. Use this site to its full potential, there are some wonderful people on here to help you. If I can do it, anyone can :-)

Now to work on my time to complete the 5k, investigate Parkruns and dare I mention 10K's eventually..

Now where do Im find that greenbadge

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Well done - brilliant to do your first 5k on your graduation run! Bet you can't stop grinning!

:) :)

It's such a pleasure to see others come through the programme, and stand (!) cheering them over the finish line. Whoop! Whoop! :D

One day I'll have to spend less time reading/blogging on here, but for now, I'm loving it!

(Send a message to NHS admin via Directory/Admin for the badge, if you haven't found it yet - or if that doesn't work, try the 'Feedback' button at the top.)


Ah Margo, that's great! It really feels good doesn't it? I've been looking forward to your graduation blog, I knew you would finish c25k. I must admit to having thought of attempting a parkrun one day, but am just relaxing knowing I've finished c25k. However, I want to do a run tomorrow (by myself)!, because somehow it all feels a bit dreamlike having had Laura hold my hand all the way so far....

Enjoy the graduation feeling....


Congratulations on graduating, and in fine style too! 5k on your grad run is a lovely achievement :)


Congrats on graduating, lovely badge you have there! Good luck with post-grad; c25k+, B210K and running for pleasure! -)


Woohooo triple whammy, C25K graduated, 5K completed too and green badge to show for all your hard work. Well done :)


Congratulations! The green badge looks awesome :D


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