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Ankle back to bite me, got to stop at wk 6 :(

So after a week and a half of right ankle pain after running and not being able to complete w6r2 today because of pain, I finally went to the docs and am told I have a sprain and to keep off it for at least 2 weeks, maybe more. Nooooooo! I can't believe I got to wk6, I can't stop now! I have new trainers on order to support me more, I've bought an ankle support. Please someone tell me I don't have to wait 2 weeks. Already bought crisps and wine to console myself, slippery slope........... booooooooooooooo!

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear that!! I finished week 6 this evening so I'm kind of in the same place as you in terms of being able to see the finish line.

Unfortunately I suspect the Doc knows best, you could try seeing a sports physio who'd have more specialist knowledge and could maybe give suggestions on how to aid your recovery?

Also you could try swimming in the meantime, it might help you maintain your fitness levels without putting too much strain on your ankle?

Don't be disheartened, we'll all still be here cheering you to the end even if you have to delay for a bit. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! x


Thanks for your support! Gonna give swimming a go xx


Rest for two weeks and see how you feel on a good walk. other than that... I irritated the ligament a few months ago and am still having symptoms. I spoke to me dance instructor the other day as I still have trouble with some steps and she suggested a Ballet workout (Basic). I've never done ballet before but she had a similar injury and the physio only gives forward and back motion exercises. She said this should help with other movements and strengthening. I'm starting tomorrow!



Thanks! Husband just reminded me that we've planned a 12 mile walk along the coast for his birthday on 17th Feb, so will rest until then and see how that goes....Got some info on exercises from the Doc which involved flexing and pointing so maybe there is something in this ballet thing?! xx Good luck!


Oh what a shame, I hear the frustration and disappointment! I think resting is wise though, many folk here have made things worse by carrying on or picking up again too soon. 2 weeks will pass and if you can do something else ( swim, weights or whatever ) every time you would normally have gone for a run then that might help- physically and mentally.


That's a great idea, thanks! Should have gone running tomorrow, so will go to the pool instead. I will cross out "run" in my diary and put "swim" for the next 2 weeks!


Definitely rest & for at least the 2 weeks recommended. You have not stopped, you have just paused.


I had a sprain a few weeks ago, and was advised to be out for 7 to 10 days.

I went straight to the physio who did miracles - their advice was to get out and keep active, the only thing I couldn't do was run. The same night I managed to cycle 20k to the gym and back! I actually tried swimming and didn't feel I could kick confidently, hopefully you are OK.

They also gave me some exercises, the simplest way of explaining them was to stand on tip toes whilst doing my teeth, and a calf stretch.

Once I could pass the hop test (figure of 8) I was back out running, just a couple of K to start with just to be sure.

It has caused me a dilemma though.... As I couldn't run I found the gym classes, and have got addicted to Bodypump. I'm having to get up at 0500 to fit runs in, and either mine or Mr's Ps classes in the evening!


Hi, I found swimming ok as long as I stick to breast stroke, the kicking in either crawl is too much. Might get my bike out then, thanks! Got some exercises from the doc which include what you have mentioned, I'm on it!


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