Hurray, finally made it to the end of Week 9

Hurray, finally made it to the end of Week 9

I finally made it to the end of Week 9 and can't believe I managed it. I really never thought I could especially around Week 6 when things seemed to take a dip. I'm not up to 5K yet, but am fired up to keep going and see if I can up the distance. The programme is brilliant and so is the support here. If you are wavering, don't worry because as Laura says, "you can do it" - corny but true. Thanks everyone for the amazing support.

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  • Congratulations! You did it. Just 1 run behind you and like you not bear the 5k yet but running for 30 mins is such an achievement. Hope you celebrated the milestone :)

  • Congratulations! I graduated today too. What a great feeling to make it through to the end. Missing the running now on the rest days - never thought that would happen! Enjoy your runs - those with the natural cooling as well as the dry days!

  • I am also right behind you. Run 2 week 9 today. Feels so great. Congrats to all three and myself of course. Well done

  • Thanks and big congrats to Funnygirl, PippyGinger and Gracecassar, and I hope we all manage to keep going now that we've crossed the finish line or are just about to do so! Think the 9-week build up was a big help so just hope I don't lose momentum now it's finished.

  • Congratulations! You've done all the hard work, enjoy your running x

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