Couch to 5K

Finally started week 9!

After life getting completely in the way (I've spent 38 hours on buses in the last week and a half) due to job interviews all over the country (no job offers yet, but I'm not completely despondent!) it's taken me 2 weeks to get from week 8 to week 9. I went out this morning thinking I would see how I went, but I wouldn't have been super surprised if I couldn't quite manage it. But I did! I didn't get much further than on week 8 (I think I did an extra 200 metres or so), but I'm up to doing about 3.8k in about 31 minutes*. (On a side note, does anyone have recommendations on apps to tell you exactly how far you've run that don't need you to be connected to the internet?)

*Stubborn me wants to finish where I started (it makes it easier to calculate how far I've run via google maps) so I counted after my 30 minutes were up to 50 (yes I realise this isn't overly scientific, but it's close enough for me).

I'm really looking forward to finishing!

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well done for keeping at it while the rest of life keeps you busy!

There are plenty of good running apps for your phone that do not need to be connected to the internet or your mobile providers network- they use the GPS functionality of a smart phone so pretty much work anywhere outdoors.

Try Nike+ Running, Strava or Runkeeper, they are all good running apps and will quite accurately keep track of the distance you have covered and your pace far more effectively than Google maps.


Thanks! I kind of assumed google maps wasn't the best thing to use as it presumably assumes that I'm running in a straight line, which definitely isn't true (mostly because some of it is off road, and I try and avoid big puddles/large rocks/mud etc) but as I'm not seriously concerned, I'm happy to have a rough estimate. Thanks for the suggestions!


Map wise I use goodrunguide as it shows off-road trails and footpaths too

No idea about the other techy stuff but someone here will be along shortly

Sorry your life is ups and downs at the minute. Running will help clear your head a bit. It's really good to be able to dump your worries if only temporarily and head out for a run. Have you mentioned running on your CV?


Thanks! Running is definitely helping, it gives me a goal to work towards that I have slightly more control over than attempting to find a job. Not that there's things I can't control in job hunting, but I can control how often I'm running and it gives me a nice sense of achievement!

I haven't mentioned running on my CV, but I might start mentioning it on my cover letter. I hadn't even thought about including it!


Ah well, you should. It gives the reader the information that you are looking after yourself and are self-motivated and disciplined, and fit! Of course you don't get injured cos you're sensible. LOL

I can recall doing a CV for a chap who cycled for Team GB but had not thought of including in his CV. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Don't hide your light under a bushel BC!


Heh, thanks for the advice :)


I use Strava which is not to bad at mapping my route. It uses GPS and is very good at comparing runs over the same route so you can see your progress.

I know other people use Runkeeper and it gets good reviews.

Definitely mention your running on your CV. I know, at my work, this is the type of thing that is considered when comparing candidates. It shows commitment and a willingness to time manage and reach goals.

All the best in your job search and your running


Thanks! That's so true :D


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