I'VE MADE IT TO WEEK 9!!!!!!!!

I really can't believe that I am now into week 9, the final week!! Run 1 just completed and due to this fantastic programme I mangaged it fine. I would never in a million years have managed anything like this before and I've 'tried' running so many times over the years with little success..I'm shouting from the roof tops about this podcast!!! LOVE IT!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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  • Congratulations!

  • THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Nice work Angel-Cake!

    I am always surprised how fast 9 weeks goes by these days.....well done.

  • Greg, you have been so supportive and loyal!! Thanks so much!! The encouragement from this site is really what has kept me going through this!! :D :D :D

  • Ah congrats! You're so nearly there!

  • well done!

  • It is an amazing programme isn't it?

    Well done Angel-Cake!

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