Graduated again!

Graduated again!

Last week I finished the programme for the second time. First time was April last year when I was gearing myself up for four months of chemo. Staggered round a race for life in July but otherwise no running til August when I decided to try again. And I've done it. It really is so much a mental challenge as a physical one. I feel so proud of myself

But I've had enough of Laura!! (Geddit?!)

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  • Woo hoo! You look rightly proud :)

  • Well done :-)

  • Very well done. :-) I'm just on week 2, having restarted myself. I'm still enjoying Laura's company. ;-)

  • Oops. Posted this late last night. Of course I'm not fed up with Laura. I love Laura! 'Ive had enough of Julie ' was what I meant to say. That silly song!

  • Very well done! No wonder that smile is so wide!

  • Well done Alibone.

    I'm currently trying to find the motivation to start again after seven months without so much as lacing up a trainer.

    How long was your gap between any runs at all and starting again and did you start from the very beginning?

  • Hi

    I first graduated in April 2012 four months after major surgery. It was the middle finger to breast cancer and made me feel I'd achieved something I probably would never have thought of attempting otherwise. In March 2012 I was told I needed chemo and in May that my knee was mouldy (!) and needed a vacuum cleaning. So chemo June to October. Did race for life in July but otherwise no running. No running at all in fact til July 2013 - three months after arthroscopy (knee hoover). Was told maybe other gentler forms of exercise might be better so now I've graduated again I may drop to one or two runs and try swimming. But it's so much easier to get the trainers on and just do it!

  • Ps yes from the beginning but headed through all nine weeks quite smoothly. Just about at 5k after two walks either end so not fast !

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