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Genuinely cannot believe it!

This is week number 9 and today was my third run of the week so I guess I can say I've done it! Since week 7 I've been listening to music and generally just running - trying to improve a little each time. Today I went out and despite the wind and rain (quite nice when you get used to it!) I actually ran for 9km in just over an hour! I fair danced down the road to my house as the phone told me I had reached 9km, with a "woop woop"...then actually cried when I got home and phoned hubby to tell him what I'd done!

Genuinely the whole couch to 5k has been amazing - to go from worrying about running for more minutes than I walked, to what I feel I can do now is a flaming miracle :)

In the process I have become a bit of a running bore - comparing pace and routes with hubby who has also started, spending more time than is useful looking at running gear on line and sounding a little bit like I am part of a running cult when I rhapsodise about apps such as runtastic and myfitness pal to everyone I know!

Thanks everyone for their blogs and posts on this site - such a brilliant forum (also slightly addictive!). I am off now to really consider if I can do the village 10k (2 days before my big 40!) in May next year....ummmm?!

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Many congratulations to you! Like you, I've amazed myself and found the whole thing very empowering.

Treat yourself to some new gear, can recommend Ron Hill Tracksters for cooler weather. Lycra without looking daft.

I'm just running for fun and fitness now, but getting fitter and faster each time. Always looking forward to the next run.

Well done you :)


Go for it!! Massive congratulations on completing the program...really inspirational for those like me who are still working through it. I'm currently on wk6 and cannot wait until I can post about my completion of the program - I'm sure I will also do so with a touch of disbelief!! Well done again x


Well done! You are an inspiration.


Well done. You sound like you are well and truly bitten by the bug.. Enjoy.


Congratulations. Posts like this are massively encouraging.


Brilliant!! Well done. As for your 10k, next May, it sounds like you are very nearly there. Go for it. It will be something to train for and give you a real focus.

Enjoy your running.


You have done incredibly well.On track for 10km.You have taken to it like a duck to water.Good luck


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