w5r3!!!! I believe!!!

Wow! It has been on my mind all week that I was building to the big w5r3 today. I was quite nervous today. I have not felt particularly great today - just a bit lacking in energy and motivation. This wasn't helped by the nasty, cold weather about today!

Long before I started this programme I had a dream of being able to run a mile. I know it is not much but I didn't want to head towards my 50's without ever having run a mile.

It just so happens that tonight's run was also my first opportunity to tick off that goal. I set off knowing that if I completed two laps and a little more then I would have done my mile. That was all I focussed on to start with. Never mind that Laura was talking 20 minutes. I was heading for the mile. Once I had achieved that I felt so good I just smiled and carried on. One foot in front of the other. It felt so much better today. I tried not to think about the time but just kept going.

As Laura announced that there was just 2 minutes to go, Chariots of Fire theme was playing and I felt so emotional. I was actually running and I knew I could hang on for the full 20 minutes. I was so happy when I finished.

I actually ended up having run 1.7 miles!!

As someone else said earlier in their post about completing this same run today, I just couldn't wait to get on here and tell everyone.

There are just so many benefits to this programme and running in general. One of the best things is that I am starting to believe in myself more and more.

Long post - sorry!!


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  • Really well done pip and you nearly did 2 miles.

  • Well Done Pip66 :-) I don't tend to read posts about runs in advance of me - they can make them seem scarier somehow - but yes increased Self Belief is a great benefit. If you're like me you're sat there now waiting for a reply so Well Done again Pip

  • I do like to read posts about runs in advance of me and from graduates as it prepares me for the next step. I get inspiration, hopes, ideas and realise that I am not the only one with running issues.

  • 1.7 miles is nearly 2 miles ! That's fantastic, well done you. I think you know now that you WILL be able to run for the whole 30 mins by the end of w9. Take it easy next week and GOOD LUCK !

  • Fantastic! I just love W5R3 stories. Time and again it's the run where people discover that they really are capable of something that once seemed to be only for other people. And don't you worry about writing long posts - they're always worth reading because of the passion and the energy that's behind the tale!

    Very well done you!

  • Don't be sorry for your post, you've achieved something that a lot of people in the world haven't and you should be proud. And we all love reading everyones stories. Take it easy in week 6 and enjoy! x :-)

  • Lovely post pip - and what this forum is all about. I think lots of us have had those really emotional moments when we find we can do something we didn't believe! I guess all those endorphins should be channelled somewhere! Thanks for sharing.

  • Woohoo, jumps up and punches the air. Well done Pip! You nailed it. Bring on Week 6.

    If you go nice and steady you'll be fine. Bit tricky week 6, a bit wierd, but once it's done it's easier from there on it

    Have fun, and really well done for getting your mile (or nearly 2!)

  • Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you everyone! You are all very kind. This forum is so motivating, not just the support received but reading about everyone else's journeys too. I am going to enjoy my rest day tomorrow!!

  • Brilliant Pip,

  • w5r3 is such a milestone. This is when you prove to yourself that you're going to graduate, and what a way to prove it. Well done Pip!

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