Done it, got there and can't believe it!

At lunch time today I fell in through the front door and screamed at my husband " I've done it!" Hot, sweaty, red-faced but beaming - yes I'd just completed Wk9R3! Who'd have thought it?

It took me 12 weeks, which included a few repeat runs and a two week break looking after my grandson but much to my (and my family's) surprise and amazement I've done it. I still huff and puff and want to give up during those first five minutes or so but on I plod. I think my very first post was sharing my concern that 90 secs of running sounded impossible and I didn't think I could do it, but the encouragement of others got me out there for week 2 and 3 and right on to week 9.

My previous running experience was 52 years ago at aged 14; being a non-athletic type I had to take part in the school sports day race for those that didn't do any other event - and I came last! (Thank goodness the following year I discovered more of an aptitude for the discus and javelin!).

Thank you to everyone who posts here as although I haven't contributed much, reading about others' highs and lows has kept me encouraged and motivated.

No great plans (as yet) for the future other than to keep running and hoping to speed up a little and huff and puff less.


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48 Replies

  • Well done and congratulations Hope2! You're now a Graduate so make sure you apply for your virtual Graduate badge. Follow the link on the right (blue text) to apply

    Are you celebrating in style with a cuppa tea?

    You must be well chuffed. Happy running, as now it can really start to open up for you

  • Thank you, I'm very happy. Cup of tea, glass of wine, Thai sweet chili crisps, it's party time.

  • Many congratulations to you and I wish you all the very best for your running adventures, the fun is only just beginning :-)

    Well done to you, a big pat on the back for you, Cheers ( clinks teacup) :-) xxx

  • Thank you. Seems a bit surreal but I'm enjoying the feeling of having accomplished something that seemed impossible. No cake but can I offer you a crisp to go with that cup of tea.

  • Fantastic and a massive well done :) That's a great achievement and you should rightly feel very proud :)

  • Thank you, I am feeling very smiley.

  • Congratulations!

  • Many thanks

  • Congratulations! That's a real achievement and a great encouragement for those of us who have just started! :)

  • Thank you. And wherever you are on the running journey, keep going. It is an amazing program and despite it seeming unrealistic at the start, it works. The posts on here are such an encouragement and a constant reminder that it is possible. Good luck

  • Thank you for such an encouraging post :) and well done!

    What's next for you?

    :D Janet (looking for the thumbs up icon) x

  • Need to work on my rubbish breathing technique ( or lack of one) and try and build distance up to the magic 5k. In my head i can do it but not yet translated into action.

  • Wow, look at you ! A proper runner. Very well done.

  • Thank you. Hardly recognise myself.

  • Fantastic and well done - huge congratulations xxx onwards and upwards xx

  • Yeah! Thank you.

  • Well done. Inspiration for all.

  • Thank you, only possible through others inspiring me.

  • Brilliant! Well done. You will have to change your user name now!lol...

  • Mmmm - Maybe hope2runfaster or hope2runfurther.

  • Well done and congratulations on graduating.

  • Thank you :) still smiling.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) thats great news well done to you :)

  • Exclamation marks about sum up how I feel. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • got that"happy" song cropping up in my head now! :)

  • No cake! What's a party without cake! Treat yourself to one tomorrow when you go for some new running gear. Go mad! You deserve it

  • Is ice cream a good party substitute ( no jelly though)? Promised I'd treat myself to one of those running watches if I finished the program but no idea how to choose. Need one that can cope with weak GPS signal as lots of hills around here. Any advice or recommendations welcomed.

  • Well done, thats awesome!!

  • Thank you.

  • Well done :) such a great achievement :) you have ever right to proud :)

    Enjoy your runs

    Happy running x

  • Thanks, I'm looking forward to being a bit more relaxed about it, at least till I set a new target.

  • Thank you. Looking forward to less huffing and puffing as I get fitter.

  • Wow grats so positive to read of your success

  • Thank you!

  • Dear hope to run further faster - oh it all sounds great whichever way you put it - and a huge well done from me! There have been lots of posts on parkruns free local runs held every weekend in most towns etc (google it, register, print off your barcode-and join in these 5k community runs); it maybe the perfect next plan but most of all enjoy all your hard work and determination now you've graduated!

  • Thanks. Running further faster sounds like a good aspiration. Think I'll aim to cover 5 k locally before trying a parkrun. I googled it a few weeks back after being curious as to what they were and with a bit more distance under my belt I may give one a try.

  • Way to go Hope2runoneday! Congrats! Great feeling isn't it? :)

  • Thanks. Best feeling ever, worth all the pain:)

  • Fabarooni!

  • Big smiles all the way - thank you

  • Well done. I distinctly remember that sense of horror at the thought of 90 seconds running in W2, too. It is an amazing programme.

    FWIW, I found that slowing down allowed me to sort my breathing out. and then the speed gradually built back up over weeks of comfortable running without my really being aware of it.

  • Yay - congratulations!! Great feeling, isn't it!!

  • Thank you. Still smiling in disbelief this morning.

  • Much slower and I'd be going backwards :) but thanks for the tip. Having completed the program I'm hoping to be more relaxed and focus a bit more on regularising my breathing. I like the sound of comfortable running!

  • Whoop whoop!




  • Thank you. Whoop whoop or similar is how I encourage myself when the running gets tough. Hopefully not overheard by others :)

  • Superb effort and write up! Well done... you have every right to "whoop whoop", drink wine and treat yourself... it's an amazing achievement and a milestone to be very proud of... Well done you! :)

    The fun has just begun by the way... keep at it and you'll keep surprising yourself! :) Enjoy!

  • Thanks for your kind words, just the sort that have kept me motivated throughout the past twelve weeks.

    I'm looking forward to what lies ahead, and although I know it doesn't instantly get easier I strangely feel like a weight has been lifted.

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