Another update - it looks like I won't be running for a bit longer yet :-(

Remember when I posted to say that I was pleased I'd been diagnosed with acute bronchitis? I had hoped that once that cleared I'd be back running again fairly quickly (well, not the running, 'cos I'm slow :D ). I went to the asthma clinic today. I knew that I hadn't really improved but was a bit shocked to come out with more steroids, more antibiotics, a purple inhaler, a blue inhaler and an appointment for a chest x-ray tomorrow. I explained that I needed to get this sorted out because I need to get back to running and singing (no, not at the same time), and although sympathetic, the nurse was quite clear that this will take time, first to clear the infection and then to get my asthma under control. However, she was encouraging about getting it under control, so I guess I need to be patient a while longer. I'll think of you all and I will keep visiting here to keep my spirits up. Happy running to you all :)


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14 Replies

  • sorry it was not such good news for you. Keep your chin up, at least it sounds like the medics are being positive and working with you so that you can achieve your goals as healthily as possible.

  • Thanks, c4ts - I will get back to running, but it's funny how much I miss it!

  • Aw Anniemurph! That's pants!! I've got asthma too, and I also know that it can take a while to get rid of an infection - but, as you're a runner, your lungs and heart will be stronger now so it might not take as long as you think! Xx

  • Thanks, Fentaz, I'm sure that once the infection has gone I will be able to manage the asthma, but it's frustrating that I can't get out there in this lovely weather!

  • Good luck. I had the purple inhaler newly prescribed, it's worked very well for me tho I felt it made my throat well a little at first. But that doesn't happen any more, and I haven't wheezed much since.

    Wish you the best for rest and recovery.

  • Aw, thanks, brownfox - the purple inhaler sounds a bit scary (did they tell you to rinse your mouth out after using?) but I'm sure once everything settles it will be fine.

  • Hi Annie - that's such bad luck - I can't say anything about asthma although I took 3 sick breaks last winter (2 for bad colds and one for full-blown flu) and made sure to be 100% better before running again. Hope you're feeling better soon - in the meantime I hope you're strong enough to wave the pom-poms for the rest of us (I'm hoping to re-graduate on Thursday in case virtual waving is available - about 8:30 am please!)

    Ann xx

  • Oh, all the best, Ann, I'll put it in my diary - what colour pompoms would you like? I'll have them ready for you! Thanks for your good wishes - I know I need to get better before I start running again but it's pants really! Enjoy your re-graduation :)

  • Sorry - but you'll have to put the pom-poms on hold for a few days. I'll write about it in another post...

  • I missed this, Ann - what happened? The pom-poms are ready whenever you are :)

  • Sorry to hear it. Take the time to get well and don't push yourself. Your running shoes will still be there when you are feeling better! x

  • Thank you! I know, I've told others that the roads will still be there, but it's frustrating! Ah well, I'll be back out there soon. Happy running to you :)

  • Really sorry to read that Annie, this must be so frustrating - hope you are back to fitness soon. Oh, and you really must try running and singing together sometime - it's great fun! :-)

  • It's a tad frustrating, yes! Thanks for the good wishes :) I'm not sure the world is ready for me singing while running though!

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