GP & Physio visits - looks like I am a bit of a freak!

I knew I was working from home today so, last week, I made an appointment to see my GP just to make sure that there was nothing fundamentally wrong that was causing/contributing to the knee problems I am having. Thankfully there doesn't appear to be but the doc was surprised that the muscles (especially my calves) are substantially more developed in my right leg than on my left. After a few customary questions about the exercises I have been doing, my footwear etc. she suggested that I see a physio if I was going to continue running.

I decided that there was no time like the present and made an appointment to see a physio this afternoon. There was an awful lot of poking and prodding in addition to a full blown "biomechanical analysis". I was given a long explanation of the results as well as a report but the 'highlights' are:

1) I have an excessive pelvic drop on my left side (even when walking) which has placed additional demands on my entire right side (I never even noticed this!)

2) The only viable way for me to run is striking with the forefoot. I could not heel strike even when I tried to!

3) I need to transition to a shoe which is more "natural". The cushioning and 11mm heel to forefoot pitch/drop on my current shoes is causing to me to have a gentle "stamping" motion with a mid-foot strike which is the root of my knee (goose's foot) issues.

4) For someone my age, I have great strength/flexibilty in the tendons and ligaments in my feet as well as my Achilles.

The physio gave me the green light to start running but my right knee needs to be covered with sports tape (the placement is very scientific but it takes 7 strips to keep my body properly aligned). I also have a whole gamut of exercises that I need to do to increase strength in my left hip, quad, hamstring and calf.

Aside from having a significantly lighter wallet, I am pleased that I went today. I have a lot of work to do but there is nothing fundamentally wrong and the issues that I have been having appear to have come from extraordinary biomechanic defects rather than me being a "bit of a wuss" as my son had suggested. The physio was fantastic and whilst more open wallet surgery in 3 weeks time isn't good, I know I am in the hands of someone who knows what he is talking about.

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23 Replies

  • Well Dunder - glad you're not a wuss! (That made me chuckle) And glad you can fix your 'alignment' issues :-)

  • That great news :) loving the number of tags you've managed to produce!

  • Blimey Dunder, you don't do things by half do you? Sounds like you've got a great doc and a very knowledgeable physio though, so things are going to start improving for you very soon, just loads and loads and loads of strengthening exercises to do...... ;)

  • One legged squats he wants me to do AM, one legged squats! One handed ice-cream eating, I am up for that but one legged squats - not so much!

  • Hahahaha :D they're tough, I tried them .....once!

  • My friend has been on a squat regime for months to return to her beloved ski obsession...I never saw such a trim derrière as a result! Just saying!

  • I have been doing lots of squats recently and they are a great exercise............. with two legs!

  • Mornin ' :-)

    I was advised to do these by my physio " Oooh Alex ! " for my hip pain..

    They are really really difficult to do at first , but keep perservering and you will find that eventually you can do them . I can do them now , but at first I nearly did a face plant onto the floor :-D

    Glad youre getting sorted , Dun , it will be all worth it in the end, you'll see xxx

  • Hi Pug.

    My physio Chris (I will forego the "Ooooh") is just cruel, I think. Weighted one-legged squats will be the next step.

    As it stands, I can do the exercise with my, stronger, right leg but not quite with my left. We'll get there.

  • You will Dunder, no doubts on that score :-) xxx

  • Well,done for finding the root of your problems 😄 here's to more running

  • What do you mean - "for my age"? Age is just a number. Get taped up and running again! My heels have wings, and yours can, too!

  • The plan is to start on Thursday morning. The only issue is that getting taped up, dressed up and warmed up is going to be an exercise in itself.

  • Well, I'll be thinking of you. Keep the faith and keep on going!

  • Ditto. I guess you will be graduating later in the week.

  • Yoga is very good for lining you up. Being out of alignment is what causes us problems and you'll feel so much better once you're levelled up

    I follow a yoga DVD at home and I find it's brilliant at balancing things up. I am wonky but this really helps

  • Yeah yoga was suggested too. Thanks missw.

  • Love "open wallet surgery" Going for some of that soon at the podiatrist myself.

  • It seems to me that encouraging people to use the term "podiatrist" as opposed to the more old-fashioned "chiropodist" has done wonders for their pricing power!

  • Finally another runner that has what I have! I have misaligned pelvis too which is causing left knee pain when I run, neck pain and lower back/hip pain.what exercises you doing? One legged squats r impossible!!! And mAke my back pain n knee pain worse.i do hip flexor and clam exercise.only diagnosed a few weeks myself They're not helping yet but I'm so impatient.its clearly been my problem for last few years of knee pain - I do look misaligned when I look in the mirror,how'd I not see this lol! Good luck let me know what works did you! All into gratefully received :)

  • That's the thing wonky, nothing is misaligned skeletally. The cause of the excessive pelvic drop on one side is a mystery.

  • Btw How are you to tape your knee ?? I've tried kinesio tape but didn't help but was a self diagnosed YouTube attempt lol

  • I was taped up yesterday (should last 5 or 6 days) and given a nice diagram. I am hoping I will be able to do it myself but not totally confident!

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