Well...I won't be running my age in miles!

Just a quickie today... ( not possible I hear you say) :) Yes...it is. Honestly. 

I am still on the IC, but progress is being made. I have been sensible, and done, as advised by people on here who know about these things...:) 

 I managed to walk upstairs last night, properly, with both legs..knee much improved and no hanging onto the banister! This morning after some gentle stretches... managed the same. Very pleased.  Lost two lbs in weight... think I am pleased, but after lunch today, may have put that back on! 

We are away in the tin-tent tomorrow and there are some super, flat lanes and canal paths where we are... so I am hoping for a gentle foray out on Tuesday morning. It will be tentative and slow. Not going to risk a set-back. 

Great to see so many people completing their Graduation runs and also, welcoming back folk from Easter Hols'... Need to have stern words with my friend running-scared...! :) She needs our support to get rid of the gremlins!!!! :) Some super running going on out there, and I have had lots of times to read about our friends triumphs!! ( Benefits of the IC).

 The lovely Irish Princess is away too, and I have, with her blessing, the chance to offer some Snippets in her absence... Won't be a patch on hers, but I shall do my best!

Spotted a tiny snippet today, and as it is my birthday ( don't ask how old)..it caught my eye...

It was also folkieboater's birthday yesterday too... don't know if she got the trainers that Saul01 showed us...( very expensive), but Happy birthday to Her.


 I would normally have had a run, if not crocked, but as it is, I had lots of presents a lovely Birthday lunch at my Daughter and S-in-L.'s home...


I did wonder what people on here might do on their birthday... there are plenty of ideas out there.

(Some very, very odd). This little snippet is fairly tame. 


Hope to post again soon from OFF the IC....


I think my new forum name now, needs to be...Even-Older-floss :)


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63 Replies

  • Happy birthday!  Onwards and upwards! 

  • Thank you so much... my mantra... onwards and upwards indeed! :)

  • Happy birthday! My birthday is on a tuesday this year so I will more than likely be recovering from karate the night before. Although I may do (what my best friend would call) a short little recovery run to earn myself a piece of birthday cake...

    Hope you're off the IC and running again soon :)

  • You eat that cake, girl! You will have deserved it...

    I think I may be halfway off the couch and will try a gentle journey next Tuesday... :) Thank youx

  • Happy Birtthday dear Floss !

    Have a fab time in your tin tent and very best wishes for a speedy recovery ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you lovely PP...I will be careful and I will hopefully have a short run:)

  • Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Floss, Happy Birthday to you! (Am singing beautifully... And have already eaten a little slice of my mums delicious cake today which we'll just say was in your honour...;)) 

    Great news the crocked knee is improving, take it easy YOUNG lady ;) 

    Looking forward to some nice, slow, easy and short running tales from your tin tent trip, IF you and that pesky knee are up to it. 

    A little apprehensive about those stern words heading my way... Be gentle Floss. I promise I'm going to be upbeat, slow and smiley next run out. :) 

  • Oh... And birthday running? Maybe for me this year, wrapped up nice and warm admiring Christmas lights, I'm just 4 days before Chrimbo. Maybe even a 10k by then?! With a glass of mulled wine and stollen for afters?! :)

  • You sing so sweetly! Thank you:) 

    Hope the cake was tasty?

    I will take it steady, I have learnt my lesson...:)

    I was kind to you...you are going to be completely fine!:)

  • Happy birthday, OldFloss🎈🎁💐 Now I know why you and I get on so well - you have the same birthday as my younger son. And he's away in Japan this year, visiting the Japanese penis festival in Kawasaki today. Well it's something different to do on your birthday and I shall be interested in his tales when he gets back! I shall stick to running, cycling or eating and drinking on my birthday. 

    Hope you had a great day!

  • Penis festival...? REALLY? Lady Floss, lets go and celebrate your 22nd birthday there next year :o) notesofnomads.com/kanamara-...

  • Trust you Pam .. lol wouldn't have believed it .. Thanks for link.. howling here..   

  • Unbelievable... I think that is an awesome idea!!! At 22 I think I might be ready for it! :)

  • Amazing! I so knew we had a bond!!!! Now... the penis festival... sounds... well... interesting??? But you simply have to tell us, what he, tells you about it!

    I like your birthday ideas.... especially the eating and drinking!!! :)

  • Mmmh... that's interesting; I have to ask some questions to my Japanese colleagues, now. 😈

  • Secan.. the whole thing is incredible... Newbie Pam and I are heading that way next year :)

  • Apparently it was packed and they didn't stay long! So you and Pam need to book well in advance!

  • Actually, if you know the Japanese (I've been working in a Japanese company for the past 13 years), it is not incredible at all; in Akiabara, Tokyo, there is/was a *5-floor* store selling exclusively condoms...

  • Happy birthday Oldfloss  :) 

  • Thank you... onwards and ever upwards Robx

  • Happy birthday floss! Hope you have a wonderful day! Glad to hear you're feeling better too 😊

  • Thank you... I had a lovely day. :) 

    Hope you are doing okay... you stay strong :)

  • Happy birthday lovely one!  Hope your day has been awesome, just like you! <3 xxx

  • Thank you....but have to say, you are the awesome one. I am full of admiration for you :)

  • Happy birthday Floss. Lovely post. Don't forget this is a 5K site so if young enough one could try running ones age in K's!

    I'm way past that ( I'm 72 ). Most years I now go to cornwall for a week round my birthday and last year managed 72 K in the week. Got my doubts about doing it again this year though. 

  • I love the idea of running it in a week. Or a month. ....

  • Thank you so much.:)

    Wow.... That is wonderful... I am  going to try to follow your example!

    I hope to start again next week..knee permitting! :)

  • Many Happy Returns, Lovely Lady Floss!

    May your steps be light and dainty and your prose be ever rambling, we love you xx

  • Thank you...:)  I don't know about light and dainty... but I will try... and the rambles... well.. they  are just unstoppable! :)

  • Happy Birthday floss.. glad to hear you are on the mend and off to enjoy another wee Holliday.. .. x

  • Thanks... hope I shall be up and running :)

  • Happy birthday Oldfloss!

    May the trails be kind on your knees and the miles float under your feet for many years to come! Keep bouncing like a Tigger, you wonderful lady. :)

  • Thank you..lovely man! :)

  • Happy birthday and good luck getting off the IC. Sending healing vibes

  • Thank you...I can feel those vibes.... :)

  • Happy birthday, Floss! =] I think that these little snippets are great, it's a good way for people on the IC to still feel involved in the community. It's good that you're feeling better, but obviously remember your own advice to so many of us and don't push yourself back out there too early!! =]

  • Thanks sweetie... I will be sensible, I promise... Don't bounce quite as much as when I was younger!!!

    Heading out near Church Eaton in our tin tent next week... lots of flat, easy running in open countryside! :)

  • Happy birthday Floss!  Hope you have been spoilt and have over indulged 😀

  • Thank you so much....I have been spoilt... an awful lot!!!! I liked it :)

  • Ah! Young floss! Happy birthday! Enjoy your break in the tin tent, is it a static one? And do be careful on that knee at the moment. X

  • Thank you... :)

    I am going to be sooooo careful... Nope it is a mobile one.. a little IH motor home... A far cry from our Good Companion tent in the Llanberis Pass, many moons ago! :)

  • Happy birthday, Oldfloss. The best people are April babies 😊

  • Thank you... Well I have to agree... :)

  • Hope you had a lovely birthday Floss and that you enjoy your week away in the tin tent. 😊

    Glad the stairs are now managable...hopefully you will be ok doing a gentle jog on Tuesday.

    If it hurts at all though you know what you should do.... xx

  • I did... the enforced rest was a treat! I was spoilt wonderfully too...

    Yes.. stairs do not feel like the North Face of the Eiger any more :) 

    I am looking forward to going away, always fun and I shall be very careful... the joints and muscles need TLC xx

  • Happy belated birthday oldfloss. Enjoy your hols and don't go too mad, no po- go sticking  round the campsite! Take you runs easy and hope your knee is good to go! V jealous I want to go caravanning too!😕😆

  • Thank you! Don't feel any older really and now the knee is improving! I shall go very steadily, it is a lovely spot and lots of easy going. Shall have a walk this afternoon when we get there and maybe try a gentle run tomorrow!!!

    Wish you could come ! :)

  • Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day. So good to hear you're on the mend :)

  • I did have great day and hopefully, I am on the running trail again... yeay! :)

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope you had a wonderful day. Not a year older simply a year wiser. Xx

    I'm looking forward to hearing that you have left the IC behind. X

  • Thanks Big Guy!!!

     I had a lovely day, totally spoilt and ate a little too much :) Not sure about wiser...I think I get slightly more loopy as I get older. I don't have to behave any more... :)

    But I think I may be on the running journey again soon .. can't wait!!!

  • Ah but knowing you don't have to behave any more is great wisdom! ;) At least that is what I tell myself. x

  • Happy birthday Old Floss! Best present : getting fit again! You did your knee a proper one didn't you? Better weather now to ease yourself gently back in! Have a lovely holiday and get home strong! 

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a beautiful day, spoilt rotten!!!

    Yep, silly old thing, I ignored the niggle... :) But... hoping to have a bit of sunshine and a gentle jog.. will keep you posted!

  • Happy Birthday Oldfloss.

    Four years ago my birthday was spent climbing a volcano in East Java. Mount Bromo. Husband and son where up there in no time while I huffed and puffed and kept stopping pretending to admire the view. I wonder now if I could beat them! Actually I bet I would!

    The interesting thing about the climb was the email and picture I sent to my work colleagues at the time, which changed their attitude to life and one of them (the school psychologist, no less) decided that there was more to life than work work work and responsibilities and decided to resigne at the end of the year, go on an adventure, and come back to a partime job only!  She is a grandmother taking care of three grandchildren. 

    So little old me, the low ranking school Library Technician, taught the high ranking School Psychologist about life! This was a beautiful Birthday present, me think! 😬

    If we can turn our lives around by taking up running, we are strong enough to follow our dreams. 😇

  • Thanks

    That is a fantastic Birthday run post! I can see you now, you would be running up that volcano like a mountain goat! :)

    Wow.... so amazing. To change someone's life for the good is an incredible thing.

    You are completely correct; you, and we can turn lives around, you can follow your dreams. 

    Life is short, and every moment is to be explored, embraced and treasured.:)

    Thank you for sharing that :)

  • Happy birthday Floss! It's mine tomorrow, there are a lot of us early Aprilites around. Two years ago I ran my very first ever 10k on the day, as a birthday present to myself.. the running addiction had clearly already set in!

  • Yeay! Happy day tomorrow...the Aprilites are a great shower..(see what I did there..April...shower..🙂. Your first 10k birthday gift sounds awesome!

    Hope you are still on the mend too☺

  • Happy birthday for tomorrow Emma!hope you are improving well😆😊

  • I walked a few steps today (gently holding on to kitchen countertops) without crutches - it's a 'giant step'! x

  • Amazing...that is superb! Go you...but,steadily🙂

  • That's great news!

    Hope you are having a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! !🎂🎂🎂

  • Happy Birthday..✨ Glad your tortoise shell is improving too🎂

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