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Where is my Duracell bunny?

I feel more like a Lidl own brand thats done its time in Ferbie...

Since my big run on Sunday I have felt totally zombiefied.. admittedly my life is really full on and my daughter has been climbing into my bed at 4am due to a wet bed...she is a bit troubled at the moment poor darling...My work is also full on.

However, future marathon runners are made of stronger stuff...right????

How do I get the energy level of a duracell bunny?

All I know is just keep running, I am a simple panther...but it got me thinking, how on earth do I progress to marathons without conking out? Or am I expecting too much of myself?

So here is my revised holistic plan for my HM at the Eden project:

Take a day off after and have a sports massage and a bit of a pamper day

keep running

keep panthering


more sleep


breathing exercises


I am sure all of you have much better plans than this to stay energised, but I am so exhausted this is all I can muster...

Tonight I am in my Devon mezzannine so I can be assurred of an uninterrupted night...

Happy panthery sleep everyone



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I don't think any of us are at the fitness level required to run a HM and be fine in a few days, so it's nothing to get concerned over. What you do want to do is taper off in the week or two leading up to the HM. This will involve reducing your distances and not running them as hard. This will make sure you have fresh legs for the HM.

Also when to get to running a marathon your fitness levels will increase with the extra training.

I'm relying on you running a great HM to inspire me for mine!


awww thankyou that is really good advice,...and I don't think I will ever reach your dizzying heights...onwards and upwards to our HM eh!!


My marathon running friend (and the one who persuaded me to sign up for the HM while I was under the influence of vodka!) says the two key things to recover are muscle soak and protein. After a long run she gets in the bath and munches on a tin of tuna! She swears by it :)


OOH good advice but the only food I hate is canned tuna, would beans do??


Don't see why not, they are full of protein


I run for an hour I'm exhausted for the rest of the day so I think you should cut yourself some slack. Even Mo has some rest time. Linda


thankyou, I don't think I realised how much it would tire me...


I'm with all of the above. Go easy on yourself. You've achieved loads and your body just needs a bit of tlc. I'm sure if you read up on panthers they expel their energy. Stretch replenish. Sleep and recover before they go off again. Your still an amazing panther. Keep panthering.

Reply are so right...thanks She Panther :)


Definitely protein JuJu. Absolutely. Sweets during run, but protein post-run (says she who hasn't even got to 10K yet :-() But real marathon people do do that. Apparently. Shut up Delia.


great advice, thankyou.....plenty of protein then....!!


I'm not surprised you feel like a zombie after such a mammoth run you did last time - I mean a half marathon is an amazing achievement already, and a massive inspiration for us other mere mortals on here!

You're probably still in the zone of heightened elation that you have got out there and done it mixed with that exhausted feeling because don't forget you will have burned up a load of energy in those 2+ hours, and now you need to replace and replenish ....... although I think the list is pretty much all it will take to get you through to your race day - just make sure there is plenty of everything on there...

.... oh and I never liked that bunny anyway - I would have thought that a panther such as you would be eating several of them for breakfast !

Happy Running


Thankyou so much, and yes, a bunny is more of a snacky snack for a panther!!


Remember, Queen of the Panthers, there's protein in them there bunnies.


So, you have run a HM distance, and now feel a bit tired. I am not surprised. That is a great achievement. The progress you have made over the past few weeks is staggering. (I have run 6+ km every other day since Saturday, culminating in 6.75km this morning. I am ready for bed now. Day's work ahead though :-( ). Take it easy, a good rest is well deserved.

Well done again.


well done you, thats a lot of running...Being rested now I am definately getting out tomorrow, and thankyou!!


As everyone says, don't be hard on yourself - you have made amazing progress but your body has been working hard and maybe needs a little extra rest. I'm no expert (ha!) but overheard one of the club runners at Parkrun saying he'd done 5 miles in 30 minutes and a few days later had to abandon a run through tiredness - so there you go, it happens to the best. :-)


thankyou so much!


:-) you make me giggle-you have done a hm in a v respectable time and wonder why u are tired:-).

All comments on nutrition good and noted by me. Sounds like life is full on for u-be kind to yourself . I also wonder if there is a bit of anti climax effect???

Eden half-when???


Its 20th October...not long so I am off out tomorrrow come rain or shine..husband will have to push me out of bed though!!! thankyou! x


Eden Too soon for me - i also have my first 10k booked that day over a bit of Dartmoor. Went out this morning and did not even mind the rain. I ran far to fast - got near 10 min miles - but i was very puffed out and I couldn't run as far! Planning more clamer run on sat :-)


I am sure that it makes sense to allow the body time to recover after a major exertion like a HM - perhaps even two or three days off and some shorter, slower runs just to give the muscles and tendons time to repair and recover. What you don't want to do is overtrain (apparently quite a common problem among newly evangelistic runners) and injure yourself. Believe me it's just SO frustrating not being able to get out and participate.

So take some time off and indulge the massage and the pampering so that the panther comes back even stronger next time. :)


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