W9R3-Like the duracell bunny!


I am done! I finished the 30 mins and carried on until I had reached

5k. It took me 44.27 mins and I had my son with me egging and prodding

me on all the way. Writing it down makes it look like a breeze - it

wasn't!! A lovely bonus was when we had finished and walked home, a

couple were taking some countryside photos and after a brief chat, they

offered to take our photo! Not sure it will be my best look but it will

be a lovely memory!

I have put a bit of weight on since starting :o (Iam already v

overweight), but I feel so much better. It is like a proper

accomplishment, that I can just casually drop into conversation! And I

am such an expert on other people's running now :D - my husband and son

have been proper runners for years - I dont know how they have managed

all this time, without my advice :D

I send lots of love and luck to everyone on here who has supported me,

offered advice and posted blogs that have inspired and encouraged me. X


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27 Replies

  • Oh well done Holly :) I remember I couldn't stop smiling for days after I did my first 5k (and I still don't find it a breeze). Enjoy the moment!!!

  • Thankyou! Iam still smiling!

  • I finished too! wooo for us :D Congratulations for doing the full 5k as well!

  • Well done to you too! :)

  • I'm very overweight too and i feel hugely better after running c25k. Even under all the blubber i can see the difference c25k has made to my legs. If you lift your leg up in the air and tense the muscles you will see real definition around the shins, calves and thighs that didnt exist a few months ago. Breathing also is much better.

    You are probably in better shape now after completing c25k than you would have been if you had lost ten pounds.

  • Thankyou! I can see the difference too. Now I just need my jaw stapled ;)

  • Congratulations Holly! Really well done :)

  • Thankyou so much! Appreciate your blogs on here!

  • Congratulations Holly,

    I have been waiting for this blog from you i knew you would do it. I am still waiting to start week 9 as my knees are sore, but hopefully will start this week.

    And congratulations on getting to 5k perhaps i will do the same on my last run, i will let you know :)

  • Thankyou! I will look forward to your celebratory blog too! We will need each other's support in the coming weeks/moths to keep on going!

  • Well done Holly

    You should join a running club now you've graduated, there's loads of runners there that could benefit from your advice! Lol I find myself doing the same :D

  • Haha! Yes I could bob along at the back offering advice, then they would all run faster to escape me. Result!! :)

  • Fantastic Holly. Well done you especially for keeping on for the 5 k. I've just done W8R2 which was harder than W8R1 for some reason. I've been enjoying your posts and replies and it all helps to keep me motivated so thanks and congrats again.

  • Thankyou! I found the first two W8 really tricky too. You are so nearly there! :)

  • Well done Holly.

    Love your blogs :)

  • Oh thankyou. Thats very kind. :)

  • Well done, Holly! It makes ME proud (lol) to "hear" the elation in your voice...I'm not far behind...would you mind running behind me and offering advice so I can go a little faster? lol

  • Thankyou! I will kindly run behind you but you might have to pull me along! :)

  • Well done, what a great achievement. I hope you enjoyed a well-deserved celebration. How do people celebrate by the way? I've yet to do the dreaded 20 minutes at the end of this week but I like to plan ahead! Keep blogging and encouraging and keep on running.

  • Thankyou! I haven't celebrated yet. Probs just as well as it would inevitably involve food! :)

  • Well done Holly. One more week to go for me. You should be really proud of your achievements.

  • Thankyou! There are quite a few of us graduating at the moment! Good luck to you too! :)

  • Brilliant Holly! - very well done :-)

  • Thankyou! It means a lot to me :)

  • Well done Holly. :)

  • Thankyou! Very kind of you :)

  • Obviously I missed your graduation day with family comittment away from computer. but well done thats brilliant.

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