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Almost there but my knee is not happy now



I am in week 9 finally after a long time because i have been repeating some of the podcasts more than 3 times if i have left more than a few days between runs.

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling the presence of my knees. This is because i could feel a bit of pain while walking or going up and down the stairs. Nothing major but it has scared me. I have stopped running altogether and the knee is not painful when I am going up and down the stairs but still can feel a bit of pain when i have tried to run again or if i stretch the leg out completely.

I think I need reassurance I will be able to go back to running soon. I am obese at the moment so i think that could be too much weight on the knees but I was obese when I started and have gone all the way up to 30 min running. I had muscular pain but not pain on my joints.

Any idea how long I should expect to have to wait before I can go bak to it?


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Not sure how long, but someone on this forum directed me to some great knee strengthening exercises. Search on this forum, they are here somewhere and they really work. Good luck!

mimos in reply to Suebguineapig

Thanks :-)


Would definitely suggest knee strengthening exercises

Here is the link -

Can't be to careful with the knees or our bodies in general , it will take a while for your legs etc to adjust to running so expect some niggles along the way.

It is also ok to take more than 1 rest day between runs and still carry on with the next.

Hopeyou are fully recovered soon ☺

mimos in reply to Slow_Rob

I will try them. Thanks :-)

SlowstartGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Yes definitely do the knee exercises and continue them when you feel better as they will make running easier. You could try swimming as a non-load bearing exercise, running on the spot in water is harder work than it sounds.

Also check your shoes, how old are they? Have you had a gait analysis? Look at some running videos to see where your foot should land, are you placing your weight in the right area, are you keeping upright.

Small changes make a load of difference. Have a week off to see if it helps, but do the exercises in the meantime. When you return try to run on grass if you can, the impact is softer.

I bought running shoes just before Easter and a different pair when the pain has started in case that thry were not right for me. I will look at videos and try smimming and the knee exercises in the meantime :-)



Squats will help as well to look after lower limbs, see the video clip how to do proper squats.. worth a look..😊

Will do. Thanks :-)


I'd also suggest seeing either a podiatrist or sport physio to check your alignment - the symptoms you describe there may be an issue - very similar symptoms to me in fact.


I took a week off and then carefully tried again. I recommend running on soft ground for less impact. Also stretch n flex exercises made a huge difference to my knees

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