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W5 R3 20 minute run where is your sting

That was great - kept steady pace all the way through. When Michael Johnstone said that’s 10 minutes you’re half way through I thought yes i really could do this and the next 10 minutes wasn’t too bad at all and had a couple more minutes left in the tank but didn’t go daft and stopped at 20 minutes. So really chuffed now and much much more confident I can do the 25 and 30 minuters which are ahead. Do need a proper pair of running shoes though I think as my current ones are a bit lacking in cushioning. Think I might just give myself a reward and get some new ones. Be encouraged you can do the 20 minuter its more a test of the mind than the body.

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Well done FGB1...sounds like you nailed that 20 min run, and you deserve to feel chuffed... You are doing brilliantly.

You have earned some new running shoes...

Here is a link which you may find interesting...


Go you onwards and upwards 😊x


Well done w5r3 is a big confidence booster BUT remember take it steady when you go out for w6r1


Very well done.... and yes.. a treat for doing so well :) And what better than some good running shoes:)


Well done. You will be fine with the longer runs. Get those shoes, it will make running more enjoyable and save you from possible injury 😊👟


Well done.

That run is a great confidence booster.

Of course you can do this.

W6R1 is not quite as easy as it appears, so show respect.


Impressive. My turn is on Friday...


Very best wishes for Friday hope all goes well.


Well done! You must be well chuffed! I think that is the half way point.


That’s brilliant! I’m going out tomorrow to do mine, bit nervous but it’s good to hear you’ve done it without a problem.


Very best wishes hope all goes well with you - slow and steady will get you there.

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