A reminder of what can make a "Bad Run"

This time of year it's very hard to keep our runs consistent especially with all the changes in diet, sleep and hydration.

All these things are very important to how you run the next day. Here is a list of the main things that can interfere with your next run. So if it's a bit hard at the moment see if anything is relevant to you.

1) tired, bad nights sleep

2) change in eating or not enough food or too much

3) not enough proper hydration, this time of year too much alcohol

4) stress

5) about to come down with a cold or something

6) starting too fast because it's cold.

All these things can make your next run harder, so it doesn't mean you can't run, if your going through the program it just means you are learning more about how your body works with running

Our bodies are very complex machines and the more we understand them the more they will give us back

And remember no one fails it is just a bad run.



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  • Very wise words RFC and totally agree

    I notice I tense myself up when its cold and especially when Im running in the dark as I am very nervous about falling over .

    No such thing on here as a " Failed " run xxx

  • Interesting one about the 'starting too fast because it is cold'. I know I have to watch out that because it is cold I don't put on more clothing because it feels a bit cold and damp - even though I don't feel 'too hot' I often seem to end up having a less enjoyable run.

  • Wise words Rfc. Yesterday I did my planned run so that was great.

    But it felt hard.

    I knew I'd had a bad night, didn't sleep well at all, so put it down to that. Woke up today with a cold.........so double whammy!

    As GoogleMe says, I have also during past few runs realised I don't need too many extra layers.....I seem to get really hot very quickly which leads to a poorer run.

    Happy running all!

  • Excellent advice, and a very timely reminder to be realistic with our expectations of ourselves.

  • Thanks for the advice. I need to keep this in mind over the next couple of weeks, when many of the points on your list may well apply to me.

  • Wise words RFC.!

  • I have discovered that a cup of coffee (instant vanilla) makes me go faster. Not much (we're not starting from a very high level here, let's be honest) but a bit. I'm not usually a coffee drinker, but the vanilla stuff always comes out during the festive period as it smells very Christmassy! I got almost no sleep last night as I had to wait up to let my husband in after another trip abroad and no key (grrr) but I positively rocketed around the village this morning!

  • Wise words and very timely.. thank you RFC x

  • I have five out of six! Do I get a prize!?


  • Of course! A giant tube of smarties with your initials on the lid! πŸ˜‚

  • Or RW in your stocking πŸ˜‰

  • You know me well! :) LOL

  • Yup, I do! πŸ˜€ :)

  • All of the above this week! Probably shouldn't be allowed out...

  • Very good reminder! πŸ˜€

    I want to add one more....

    Sometimes bad runs/days/sport just happen for no reason whatsoever!

    I used to play squash competitively, and honestly sometimes every shot I made was sweet & perfect & landed exactly where I wanted it to. Other times I just couldn't get anything right & there was no apparent reason - it just happened.

  • Ty for that advice. I have not enjoyed my last 2 runs but I can see from your list, factors that were probably affecting me. feeling a bit more positive now.

  • Thanks for posting this, I needed to read it! I've been struggling a bit with my running the last couple of weeks, and have been feeling a bit disheartened. It's a busy time with festive events, and I do find it all a wee bit stressful, so I think this has been affecting my running. The last few times I had been out I had had to stop and walk for a bit, something I have never done up to now. I went out tonight though and managed to cover 5k without stopping, so hopefully things are on the up.

  • Very good list. So very true.

  • Excellent list. My cough and cold have disappeared! Yay! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I can "virtually" run where no other has run before πŸ˜‰ I have so many imaginary runs in my head, it's mind blowing. Just as well, being on crutches! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Thank you I needed to hear this as I'm really struggling at the moment. I also hate the dark mornings and nights which is not helping to motivate me to get out running. Force myself out (although don't get the distance i used to a couple of weeks ago) just so I don't undo all the hard work I have done.

  • Excellent list - Had a few of these in the last week or so - though not the alcohol one (no booze in December) - out tonight for week 6 run 3 - slow and steady

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