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I'd love to find the panther! But how do I recognise it?

Went out on a new route this evening and obviously miscalculated the distance ( or my speed) as I got the half way notice before being halfway home. So carried on running after "brisk walk now". I carried on for an extra five minutes and enjoyed it. I had better music and found that helped me run without struggling.

I read about the inner panther - and I want one too. So please tell - how will I know if I get one?

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I've found my inner panter, which is probably why the dog walkers give me funny looks, but JuicjyJu will have to tell you her secrets before you are initiated into that special feline running world.

Just keep running!


Ok. I will just keep going and hope it finds me one day. Thanks.


Dunno but I felt like a caged lion this morning and couldn't wait to get out at 7 30. The weather was beautiful and the sun was really low, the autumn colours and the quiet streets made it a real pleasure (apart from the actual running, of course) but I got just over 4k in the time of my second wk 9 run, so my inner panther / lion but have been helping a bit!


Well done annasee. You are doing so well - 4 km in 30 minutes! I can dream of that time and distance. And you only have 1 run to go and then you get the graduates badge.


hey are doing really well...panthering is about tapping in to your inner...more carnal self and finding those animal instincts that drive you to hunt, kill, attract a mate...( except in our case its to get us to the end of the run!!!). Dig deep on the next run when you are finding it hard, let out a carnal growl from deep in your belly and you will find it...Good luck panther!!!!


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