How do I find the time to run? :S

I'm feeling deflated as haven't run since last Friday (and that was the same the previous week!)

Work isn't helping (I was off all summer, so plenty running time then!) I work fairly long days and by the time I get home, there's tea and children to sort. Although I used to manage, I just cannot get up early enough at the moment! I've done the runs on week 7 at least 5 times now! I'm leaving it too long between runs to move on. I'm so close to graduating, but feel like i just cannot find the time anymore. Not a happy bunny. Help!


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6 Replies

  • Hey don't beat yourself up too much, but it's about digging deep and making time to run ( I know it's easier said than done ). For me I needed to be strict and the time I was only able to run was 5:00am / 05:30am at first it was hard and especially with the dark mornings but after doing it for about 6 months it has become second nature so much, that I feel really guilty if I don't run at that time. Your health is important so stay focused and you will do. You are so close to graduating . Sorry if I am sounding harsh / passionate.

  • I find it easier to run in the evenings with a friend- it doesn't matter if we have to make it a bit later then and even when you feel tired the run energises you :)

  • I put my running stuff on as soon as I get in. If I sit down it won't happen.

  • I work full time as a special needs teacher and have two small children. 6am is the only way it's going to happen so I have to put my big girl pants on and drag myself out of bed! You can do it!

  • I go out after I've put my four-year-old to bed. Sometimes this isn't until 8.30pm when my husband gets home from work. I've got a reflective vest and flashing arm and leg bands so I'm visible. I really enjoy running at the end of the day because it's a great stress buster (I'm a teacher too!) and when I get home I have a shower, a cup of tea and go to bed - I sleep really well! It was a struggle at first to heave myself out after a long day, but there is no other time to run and I wasn't about to stop, so I got used to it pretty quickly and now it is habit.

    Give it a try! Good luck!

  • Thanks all, plenty of ideas to think about there. I've not been out yet since last week, so need to try and be more regular. I don't know what's happened to my motivation - it used to be much stronger. Thank you all for taking the time to post. :)

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