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How do I carry everything?

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Silly question I know - for 2 of my weekly runs I use a treadmill in the hotel gym - no problem, all my stuff stays on the treadmill.

However at the weekend I do an outdoor run, and this is what I need to carry:

- car key

- phone (for tracking app)

- iPod (for C25K podcast)

- Ventolin inhaler (just in case)

Last time I put everything in my small bike saddle bag and carried that, but it was awkward to hold.

What options do I have? A rucksack would be too big for what I need.

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After finding that I had a similar problem, I bought a little bum bag from Sports Direct. I put it on before I got out and then when I have started my tracking app, I just put my phone in the bag, twist it round so it's in the small of my back and run with it there. Haven't tried it with keys in there to know whether that would be too uncomfortable mind you...

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bum bag (not being offensive eh eh) or a running belt. Theres lots of different sorts including ones with bottle holders.

I use an audio pouch from Sports Direct, which only just holds my Galaxy mini. It has a larger pocket too for other stuff. It's like a bumbag or money belt really. Can't you use your phone for the podcast?

Not as far as I know - the podcasts are on iTunes, and my phone is a Android.

I'll look into the bum bag idea - the key should be fine as it's only a fob that is detatched from my house keys (they stay in the car)

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to theriddler

You can download the podcasts individually from NHS Choices and then use them on anything. I bought myself a new Android phone with GPS, just so that I only had to carry one bit of hardware when running. Runkeeper allows you to listen to the podcast while it works in the background.

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AftabsGraduate in reply to theriddler

I have never used Andriod but I assume there must be a podcast app that will let you download the NHS podcasts. I have a podcast app on the iPhone called Downcast, it is much better than the IOS podcast app. Maybe you could download Downcast type app on the Andriod and then carry one less thing. Try this article out:

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lycranotlikelyGraduate in reply to theriddler

Yes you can download froom the c25k site straight onto your android phone. You don't have to use itunes, I downloaded each podcast separately.

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you can get the podcasts in mp3 by downloading them one at a time directly from the NHS site (instead of iTunes) which would eliminate the iPod if you want... so there's a savings

I run with a dog, so need my hands relatively free to control him. I tuck my key under the laces of one of my shoes (tie through the key chain and tuck in the key), tuck a couple of dog poo bags under the laces of my other shoe, and stick my mp3 player in a pocket, or when I don't have a pocket, tucked into my bra. Then the only thing I have to hold is the leash. I keep planning to buy an armband for my mp3 player and key, butI never get around to it.

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On my longer runs I wear this belt, so I have water, dates (for a sugar boost), keys, a bit of money just in case and some ID for emergencies:

And when I want to listen to podcasts on longer or slower runs I wear an armband:

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I bought one of those cheap and very flat nylon travel belts with zip purse (approx 25cms x 12cms) - from a supermarket's travel widgets spinning thingy - apols for vagueness of retail jargon! ;)

I fit in a tiny pack of tissues, my Blackberry phone, my inhaler, one key on fob, my Sony MP3 player, a few coins and my specs! There would be room for a couple of sweets/glucose tabs too (thinking of my pal who's diabetic) It stays flat when I pull my running leggings over it and my C25K grad running shirt over it too - it remains in place and invisible and non-flappy during running! ... I didn't like the Velcro arm band (phone/player holder) it scratched my arm and snagged on the fabric of my sleeve.

So, no bulk at all, my hands stay free to wave, carry weights, or water or just to swing freely. Think it cost £7.99.

Cheers, Linda :)

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I have housekey safety pinned into the rim of my baseball cap, a non velcro stretchy arm pouch for my phone (Android and with downloaded podcasts), inhaler goes in my hand and if I feel the need to carry more I got myself a running belt. Which is basically a small zip pouch to fit tissues, coins, bits n bobs in. Not as big as a bum bag but does the job for me.

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I use a y-fumble armband which is flexible enough to take a few things.

Also tend to go for gear with pockets where I can. I've got a high viz gilet from Hilly (bought from TK Maxx) with zip pockets.

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GrandadmikeGraduate in reply to wilmacgh

Thanks for this I have just ordered a y-fumble

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I use an armband for my mobile (a Samsung - download the podcasts as suggested above), my single key goes in the back of my leggings in that silly small pocket they call an MP3 pocket :D , as does a tissue. I can't run with things in my hand, I've found. Like Linda, I have a travel pouch thingy which is very flat if I need to take more with me - on the early runs I didn't have a smartphone so took a small camera with me. I hope you get it sorted! This running lark isn't the problem so much as working out all your personal routines and what you need to take with you!

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I started C25K with my normal day to day backpack handbag (in which there is probably a kitchen sink) I have found an Onyaback really useful - especially in the days when I was still setting out wearing a warm top and then needing to strip off. I don't really notice I've got it on (hence puzzlement when I get back in the car)

At a minimum I carry dog lead round my neck, over the shoulder bag with dog treats and whistle (if I've gone out specifically to run and left money etc at home I put my house and car keys in there instead of using the Onyaback), over the shoulder Muksak (which has poo bags attached - it is quite a clunky box for putting filled bags in and sealing in the pong), phone on a lanyard round my neck.

Of course I'd run like the wind without all that ;-)

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very simply, I bought shorts with pockets. Key and phone (Samsung too so no probs with podcast on android) in pocket. Job done. In high summer I've been known to hide the key in the back garden, but don't tell anyone!

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swanscotGraduate in reply to Diamondwitch

> In high summer I've been known to hide the key in the back garden,

> but don't tell anyone!

I do this all the time. And no, it's not under the plant pot on the door step!

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Twilight1Graduate in reply to swanscot

I live in an area where i often dont lock my door.... Whooops

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I use my cycling jacket to run in. I only started using it because it was bright and visible. However, the pocket at the back is really useful and I think cycling jerseys have back pockets too. I carry my house keys, iPhone, dog lead, poo bags and hankies.

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I use a flip belt it's been great tho I'm gonna need a new one soon for my new trimmer frame!

If your phone supports mp3 then ditch the iPod and download the tracks to the phone instead. Find a glasses case or similar to put the car keys and inhaler in then grab a freebie lanyard so you can hang the case around your neck, inside the running top but behind you. Should free you up a little.

You can download the podcasts from

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I started the program with my biking shirt. Could put phone, id, keys etc in pockets and they were secure. Now use a small waist bag that is lyrca type material. Fits snug, holds phone, iphone if needed for an app, keys snuggly and doesn't bounce.

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