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how do we cope with the heat when running

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W7R2 I have had 3 days rest and was looking forward to the run this morning, but it all went wrong. It was very warm but i was running near the sea so thought it would be fine within the first five min my legs were hurting and brain shouting STOP very loud. I carried on fighting the demons in my head and struggled on coming to the last 5min of run and cyclist getting in the way a bit of a stitch and bladder screaming ,legs screaming i gave in and come to a stop. I was so hot i felt really light-headed and really thought i was going to faint, i carried on walking but it took me ages to recover. How am i going to cope in the heat?.

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I think we all try our hardest to avoid it by running early morning or in the dark. I am enjoying running after 9.00 pm when it's cooler. I ran the other night but it was still humid even in just a vest! I don't think I could run in the day when it's warm as like you I think I would melt

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I agree with misswobble. The only solution is to run when its less warm. Or run on a treadmill in an air conditioned room. At least we don't live in Saudi Arabia :)

If you can't help running during the day, then go for the shady side of the road/choose a shady route.

Find some water to run next to - I think it seems a bit cooler/fresher.

Cut your pace - while to me that seems like backwards logic because you have to be out for longer, it does work/help.

Take water with you, and have a sip when you find your mouth is dry and drink more when you're on your cool-down walk. Splash some on your wrists while you're running. I'd pour some over my forehead too, but that would be VERY counter-cultural here. (Although I suppose being out running is in this village anyway, so what's one more thing... but no, I just couldn't do that)

Wear a cap - again seems like reverse logic, but it keeps the sun off. (And helps with the disguise when you've turned the colour of a beetroot).

Wear sweat bands on your wrists - not taken this advice myself, but it might help wipe the sweat away. Could do with something stopping it dripping into my eyes and off my nose!

I'm sure I saw someone suggest something about ice, but I can't quite remember what.

Anyway, the hottest I've run in here is about 33 degrees and mid-20s is becoming quite normal, so these are the best solutions I can offer at the moment! (My name tells you my location - we've actually had a relatively cool May and June so far with a couple of extremely hot days thrown in)

As I have a R4L on Sunday I am going out this week at 10.30 a.m. which is the time the R4L starts. It gives me an idea how I'll manage on the day itself and helps prepare me for doing the course in the heat. The rest of the time I go out early in the mornings or simply don't run until we have a cooler spell.

I can see the logic in that, it is very hard to fit in runs in the evenings and mornings , but Tomas did make me laugh run on a treadmill in an air conditioned room , my Air conditioning would be opening windows and treadmill would be running on the spot.LOL.The race for life is at 11am at the end of july i really want to jog as it will be first race but the heat is stiffling .

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If it's any consolation, I had always planned to walk/jog the event anyway but am now likely to walk most of it as not long been laid up for 2 weeks with chest infection so don't want to put myself at risk as still rebuilding fitness! Bearing in mind 2 people have died in races recently (London Marathon and Southend a couple of days ago) I honestly don't think it's worth the risk of trying to jog or run it all if it's very hot. Best wishes.

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You could always go for Danzargo's top tip and put a wet flannel in the freezer in a zippy bag and either have it waiting for you to cool you down when you get home or take it with you to cool you en route. Good luck :)

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I have to admit, I'm not very impressed at races which start at mid-morning or later. I know they have to allow time for people to get to the start line, but there was a R4L on Sunday in MK, and the temperature was hitting 30 degrees. Not only that, but there was a half marathon at Southend the same day. It started at 10am, and most people were crossing the finish line two hours later at the hottest part of the day. I don't think it's been widely reported but one person died - collapsed at the finish line.

Personally, I prefer to run at 5am - for my run yesterday, I had to switch it around and run when I got back from work and it was a complete nightmare. Not only was it unberably hot, but I also prefer running on an empty stomach. So, back to running early mornings for me. I'm still feeling horribly headachey right now.

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Living in Glasgow I very rarely have this problem. I find I have to start the run with a light jacket or jumper and take it off and round the waist after 5 min running. I prefer having a vest and capri's ( would not unleash my legs on an unsuspecting public) This is the first time I have run for 30 minutes comfortably before I had always felt like you but had run on the treadmill- outside really is MUCH better for keeping cool- in Scotland anyway. I think some of the ideas given would be best like early morning or later night runs. You could try sweat bands soaked and put in the freezer and have them in a pocket for when you start to over heat. Good luck

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Nilzed in reply to Laurae

I was going to say i cope by living in Glasgow! I have yet to run without a jacket and leggings. I have unzipped the jacket!

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LauraeGraduate in reply to Nilzed

:-) Oh no!!!! I even have my hair band off too, but then I still have a good thick layer of insulation under my skin unfortunately. Maybe by next year I'll have thinned it don a little ;-)

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Ha ha! Cool up there as a rule isn't it

My run started just after 9.30 pm tonight and it was still very warm so I had to take my running jacket off. It was still warm when I got home about 11.05 pm. It was humid and everyone had their windows open.

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I lived in Spain for eight years and I used to do all my chores (I wasn't running then) early in the morning as that was the only cool time of the day.

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