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Repeating week 1

Hi all

I posted last week about doing my first run after a big weightloss. Good news is my weightloss is up to 6st 13lbs.

I've completed week 1, just about, but rather then moving week two I have decided to do week 1 again. Is that ok? I felt sick and really struggled on the second 2 runs. I did my 4th run today and picked a route that was fairly straight and open and slowed down a bit and felt better.

Any tips on how to prevent the nausea, dry mouth, or snotty nose situation?


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Well done on getting through week 1. Doing it again is a good idea to consolidate what you've achieved so far - which is a great deal. And your weight loss is amazing - congratulations on that too. Not sure about the nausea - are you well hydrated before your runs? That's the standard first thought for most things. Maybe you are going too quick which is causing it? I dare say you will say you are going slow but there are times when I can walk a lot faster than I run.

As for the dry mouth and snotty nose, I think they will sort themselves out as you progress. Both affect me at times, depending on what the weather is doing. I sometimes chew on peppermint gum which does help with the dryness.


Congrats on the weight loss!

I used to get really snotty-nosed when I ran, but it hasn't happened in a while (now on Week 7). I felt nauseous once, on my last run of Week 3, but never worked out the cause. A good rule is to slow right down and see if that helps, and re-examine if it doesn't.


Run really, really slowly. That should help with the nausea. And you can repeat any week you want, but don't be afraid to try the next week - they don't have to be easy to move on.

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I can't help with the nausea (other than to say slow down) but the snotty nose is pretty much something we runners have to live with, I'm afraid -unless anyone knows differently?


Wow well done on the weight loss. Amazing.

I hate to say it but I still get a snotty nose although it' not as bad as it used to be.

I now just carry a hanky with me, (if you don't want to hold onto it, stick in your pants, top, up your sleeve etc) I used to go out with tissues strategically stuffed everywhere at the start. Lol.

Good luck & keep up the amazing work.


Well doneon completing week 1! I have just moved onto week 2 after repeating all 3 sessions of week 1 as I was unable to complete all of the runs successfully. The good news is that I have managed the 90 second runs in week 2. Have done 2 of the 3 sessions now. Consolidation seems to work for me. Snotty nose is still my prob!! I just stuff tissues about myself and go with it!!!! Good luck!


Hiya, Well done for sticking at it and the huge weight loss!

I have just finished and i still have most my weight to loose but i'm 2 stone 5 lbs lighter.

If you aren't feeling ready then repeat the week, take it slow and easy and try and enjoy it although the first few weeks are just hard work.

It does become addictive though!

I still suffer from the runny nose and bit of nausea when I stop mainly, I don't eat before I run though so that might be the cause of my nausea.


Well done! And yes, I think it's completely fine to repeat weeks. I did it quite a few times! I believe that it's more important to just keep getting out there regularly. Some weeks you'll be on a high and ready to move onto the next week. But sometimes we're just not ready, especially if you're not feeling on top form in general. Dry mouth - I'm not sure but I've found that breathing for a count of 4 in and 4 out of my nose, instead of breathing air out of my mouth helps. I had a runny nose too when I started and just put this down to starting in February when it was colder, but maybe runny noses dry up the more running you do?! I always needed to take a tissue with me!! The nausea could be nerves or pushing yourself. I still get both sometimes. Maybe just ease off a little? If it's anything like my nausea, it'll soon wear off after your run? Hope any of my waffle helps! Keep going, you're doing great x


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