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Week 8 run 1 - another one with dolphins

Done. And I can say that the extra 3 mins were nothing.

Long week so set off to enjoy my run and set a steady pace, shorter steps so I didn't get puffy, nice new loop and only measured the run on mapmytracks - not the walk. Saw I dog, 2 bikes, 3 ducks and 2 deer! Had another wave of dolphins (endorphins) and knocked 10 secs off my fastest km! Did windmill my arms to celebrate in the woods with just Laura for company. Overall a very good week. Only 5 more to go until the stabilisers come off....

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It's exciting stuff isn't it? I did mine this evening and it went much better than the 25 minute runs last week! We're nearly there!


Gee, for a minute there I thought you were a local (to me) runner. As someone who see dolphins here in the Moray Firth when I'm working-but not so far when I've been running-I thought your dolphins were, well, dolphins!


Start my week 8 next week.Feel excited as I read you're post.Glad to hear the extra 3didnt make much difference.Nearly there now. You will be able to WOOHOO soon x

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I did my W8R1 yesterday, and I really thought I would struggle with the extra minutes, but like you, it seemed to not be that much harder! I'm actually thinking I might get to finish this programme! No outstanding wildlife for me (although the other day I did run past a fully skinned rabbit at 7am - bizarre!


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