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Week 8 Run 1 (Fail) :(


Week 7 went well I ran 4 x 25mins over 7days each was comfortable with little sprints at the end and I felt invincible.

How wrong was I!

I could only run Week 8 Run 1 in the evening so i left it as late as I dared and set off a little shade but the heat was an issue.

I got into a rhythm and 5mins came up fast seeming to be standard for my pace if a little quicker, but that encouraged me.

At about 9 mins in I found my intakes of breaths seemed more difficult but I settling in again slowed the pace and just kept going. Then the humidity hit me I was struggling to breath properly and at the first twinge from a very small groin strain i would usually shrug off I pulled up blowing and annoyed.

If I had kept going for another minute I think my body would have found its groove but No I am a failure. (Today)

So reset to Wednesday Morning (8.1) as early as I can and some stretches before i go. If all else fails Ill go back to my 25mins for a week and start over on week 8 next week. Its a hurdle not an end.

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No run is a failure we only fail if we sit on the couch and can’t be bothered

This heat is draining so i wish you good luck next time


Don’t worry pal. You will do this. I’ve just done w8 r2 and I nearly gave in at the 10 minute mark. How I completed it I’ll never know. I didn’t enjoy tonight at all. I’m gonna try Wednesdays run at 5am before work to see if it’s any better. Good luck.

I’ve just got back from my run, and I hated every minute of it (well, not quite hate, but you catch my drift). You’re not a failure because you went out and ran. Just call it a practice run. It’s more kms in your legs and under your belt (which is where your legs are! 🤣)


Not a f***... this weather is playing havoc with our runs... stay safe, stay hydrated and run when it is cool... slow and steady and do carry water...:)

Well done!


Not a fail at all - just a practice run! And we all need them with this humid air! I nearly stopped at a similar point this morning......just couldn't quite get my breath.....

There is always next time.....


keep it up you’re doing well.. the heat/ humidity is a real problem for all runners .. see oldfloss 👆.

it was your stretching comment that caught my eye.. so here’s an article that may help



I had the same problem the other day I only could manage 25 minutes on my w8r1.... It was so hot! 🥵🥵🥵🥵 Like the others said it is not a failure, you went and did it! You can do this!

No way thats a fail it sounds like your a winner keep going 👍👍👍👍


It is definitely not a failure - think about your very first 60 seconds run and think of where you are now!! I am just back from running 30 minutes in the countryside - each run is a celebration of your commitment, effort and how far you have come!!


Your last sentence says it all Ape, that’s brilliant.


It's the humidity, not you. I'm sure you'll find a morning run much easier. Stay positive. You're doing really well actually and nearly there.

I’m really sorry you feel like this. After all you have been pushing yourself and building up the stamina. It’s very hot and humid. If you needed to stop undoubtedly that was the right thing to do. So feel good for getting out there and making good choices!

Maybe a couple of extra rest days will help? Good luck 👍

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