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Second attempt at week 3- B210k

After my failed attempt on tuesday to do the first run of week 3 - I was fairly up for a run today - but had weak willed gremlins at the back of my mind - shall i/ Shan't I. so I pushed myself out of the door - and set off for the first of 3 x 17 mins. First 17 were fine, second a bit of a breather at the top of a very steep hill. The third - just ok - and I was very pleased to stop running - but i did managed a 10 min stomp up the hill home.

So do I think I have made progress - YES YES YES. that is the longest I have run for in three years - the hills that normally defeat me I ran up with relative ease.- although puffed out at the top. My only disappointment was the distance - to sow to even mention. I am going for dead flat on sunday to see if I fare better for my second run.

Happy running everyone :-)

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Hi Suzy, I've got that this week, sounds scary! Are you doing the Samantha Murphy podcast? :)


Sort of doing samantha murphy. i cant bear the music - so I am following the programme with my own running playlist - or sometimes just running and enjoying the scenery. I am on the 3 week now - 3 x 18 mins runs. They feel ok - but i certainly know i have been running for nearly and hour at the end.

good luck to you. happy running :-)


Yes I know what you mean! I had a quick listen to all the music in the weeks, hoping it would get better, but the tracks are just repeated. Think I'm going to have to do the same! I'm exhausted after a run now!! Miss Laura :( Happy running to you too :)


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