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B210K Week 3

Working in London today, Huddersfield yesterday what a jet setter. The commute was hideous why don't we have AC on trains? Got home, running gear on down to the treadmill and B210K run 3 was waiting. 3 x 17 minutes with 1 minute break in between. I found it really tough, sweating more than I did on the commute which I didn't think possible.

Anyway the positives are I did it and covered 6.1 miles including the warm up and down in 68 minutes. Garmin played ball and made it 5.8 miles ( I keep forgetting to push the start button)

My reward - tuna and lemon pasta

Happy running all

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Tuna and lemon pasta! That made my ears prick up!

Huddy! That's a destination of choice let me tell yer. I really like it there. Did you go into the pub on the railway station? It's fab!

When are you going to break free of the dreadmill?


I have previously frequented that establishment but not this trip.Going to run outside today but it will have to be this evening as I wasn't up early enough to run this morning.


That's a great job after a sweaty day! Running on a treadmill does make you sweat more than running outside but the air is fresher outside!


Thanks Ip


wonderful, and the food sounds good too ( apart from the tuna, its the only food I hate)...

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Well done Gettingfitter :D how are you finding Sami's choice of music?

I found week 3 the toughest of all so well done for persevering!


Thanks em. Some of the music is really offputting as it dips down in volume and you're waiting to hear Sami and then it just rises back up with no sign of her. Week 3 is very tough.


She just says the bare minimum. Like a lot of blokes I know. LOL




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