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Week 3 run 1 done...sort of?!

Hello all.... Well today's run was hard. I am staying at my brother's house for the weekend, which is in beautiful Gloucestershire. Stunning scenery and so on, but , omg, hills!

I started the walk, all good... Followed another runner when she turned left, on basis that she looked like she knew what she was doing.. until I reached a short but massively steep hill, right at the point where Laura said to run. So I ran, and I did get up it.. (I debated whether to just turn round to flatter ground but then thought it would flatten out at the top, ready for the 3minute run.)

Unfortunately, The ninety second walk wasn't enough to get my breath back really, and I had to stop mid way through the three mins ☹️ Just couldn't do it...and the hill, while flatter, was still on an incline...

So I walked to the end of the three mins, turned round" then fiddled about with my iPod to get back to the end of the ninety second walk, then ran (downhill) for the three mins, which I managed🙂 Then followed the rest of the podcast as normal... But on a flatter bit of road. The second 3 min run was ok, just about..

So...does this "count" for the purposes of following the program..?. I am back home tomorrow, so my next run will be my usual area (which is mainly flat!)

I think I'll see how the next two go and then maybe repeat once more... I found the longer run really hard, so running it an extra time will probably help anyway.

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I think it's up to you whether to count it or not - we don't yet have C25K police! See how the other runs feel - no harm in repeating if you don't feel ready to move on.


I wish I had not rushed through the stages as eagerly as I did. That wonderful feeling of being able to tick off yet another 'success' day started the tail wagging the dog in some ways. I was lucky not to injure myself - or do my graduation run TOO inelegantly, but I was close to both :)

Take your time, decide if any particular run is a 'success run' or a 'practice run' - but there are NO failures once you take that first step each time ;)


Pesky hills 😁 I would see how you go with the next couple of runs then make a decision. Doesn't matter if you take longer than 9 weeks to complete the programme, you just need to get to the end of it in one piece 😁. Happy running 🏃👟


Thanks all... Given my super fit brother gasped (literally) when I told him I'd run up the hill (albeiit very slowly!) , I am feeling much more pleased with myself than I was... He says he always walks up it 🙂 But I think I will probably do four runs of wk 3, unless the next two goes are really easy (which I don't think will happen, three minutes is a looooong time.).

As Irish-John has said, is probably better to remember why I am doing this - I.e to get fit -rather than to tick off runs on some non existent performance chart and then hurt myself.

Have to say I love the idea of C2K police..."nee naw nee naw, please pull over runner, you are running too fast, which is in violation of the C2K code article 1a... Thou must slow down if thou art finding things tricky! Thy running shoes will now be clamped for five minutes..."


Sorry, meant to say,"as Irish John and you've all said". Sigh. Typing is really not my forte.


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