W5 R2 attempt 3

W5 R2 attempt 3


The picture is my hill from my starting line! The one I have struggles to get up and across. It doesn't look lie much but Map my run says it's has an elevation of 417 feet. Sounds big to me! And.....

I DID IT! I ran the full 8 mins and..... I got past that steep bit of the hill just as I passed at the 4 minute mark on the first run. My second run I covered the ground of the walk, the first run and part of my warm up! Granted I was really slow on my first run but.... what a feeling!!! I was over the moon for most of the day!

I plan on doing this run once more just to make sure as I seemed to really need that walk in the middle. Then I will go onto R3.

Happy running all.


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  • I can imagine how you feel by conquering that one, well done! Keep posting and enjoy your running x

  • Still over the moon!

  • Best wishes for your successful run. I think your hill proves that the programme has its ups and downs! Best wishes.

  • Thanks. I'm doing the program a 2 and a half stone more that I did the first time. I'm hoping the only up I get is the hill if you know what I mean! X

  • If you are running up that you will find it a doddle when you next run all on the flat. I find even the slightest gradient knocks both my speed & distance for six.

  • Please note... I'm going super slow to get to the top! Walking speed with as much oomph as I can put behind it! (not much then!)

    S X

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