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second outing week 3 and left work early to do it!

well, I admit it, I was bag on and out the works door as quick as anything today when it came to 5pm home time. Because I wanted to get out on my second run week two. Grrrrr!!

i was wanting to see how I coped with the last 3 minute run.

so, running pouch filled with chippy money for tea for when im done (im still convincing my other half that its not a bum bag its a running pouch :-) ) i set out.

was nice and cool outside and it was great stomping through the fallen leaves. the first 90 second run was - wait for it - a breeze! i couldnt believe how not out of breath I was after I had done it. brilliant!!

the first 3 minute run was, well, ok. the second 90 second run was er,ok. then the final 3 minute run was - well, better than last time. the last minute of it was still a struggle, but hand on heart I think i coped a little better.

i tried to control my breathing out better this run and i think it helped.

phew!! so I made it to the chippy for our tea!! (i had omlette......)

my lower legs are aching, but touch wood, that's all.

oh, one last thing- i got a bit of mud on my trainers tonight!! they not looking so shiney new!! yippeeeee!! :-)

keep on running everyone!



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Thats what I used to do too but more to try and get the runs in before it got dark!

Well done on the run and good luck for R3.

Oh, and mud on your shoes?! I would cry - they might look like they belong to a seasoned runner that way but I still want them to look nice and clean.....I'm funny like that!


thanks SBG356!!

im not saying anything about your potential crying at muddy trainers ...... :-) you wont be doing any of that ultra-running Delia blogged about then??!!


Absolutely not Ali, thats a certainty!!!



Sounds like you had a great run.

Runner's pouch - I like that! Although that's what I call my stomach at the moment!

And you do feel a bit more authentic with mud on your trainers don't you? (notwithstanding SBG356 and her funny ways ;-)!)


its great Vivwestie that I dont look like ive stepped out of a running shop all geared up for a first outing!! (although my facial expressions still say otherwise .....)

mud on trainers, the fold creases has come out of my Aldi waterproof and, ... wait for it .... i think i may be getting a bit thread bare at the bottom of my jogging bottoms where they've been hitting the road! woaah there runner!! :-)

thanks for your support as always.


Marvelously done, Auntie!! I have left work early for much less reasonable reasons than a good run!! :-)

Your blogs are always fun to read, so thank you for that! I am glad that the runs are going well for you!! They will all have their challenges, but you are doing great!!

I am afraid that I have to side with Sue on the trainer issue. I think shiny, clean trainers make me run faster and jump higher!! (Wow, did I just call them trainers??? I have been on this site too much lately!! I am from America and we call them shoes!!! I think you all are rubbing off on me!!)

Keep Running!! :-)



cheers Steve!!

I need to look at the funny things in life otherwise im afraid i will be v v depressed!! I also like to think that Im helping those new to this running malarky get out there and try it. but thanks for that, i shall keep on blogging.

challenges indeed!! Every run is one. Every extra minute a bloody hurdle! But i was wondering, i dont know whether i should be aiming for a proper organised run? When did you do your first one Steve?

Hee hee! i like your comment on clean trainers! Us English folk are pretty unique in respect of a lot of things. Case it point ------ "pumps" . Whats that mean over there in America? ;-)

Keep on Running!

:-) ali


Hey, Ali!!

Gayle (gdeann) and I did our first organized 5K runs a couple of weeks after completing the program. We wanted to wait until we were fairly confident that we could cover the distance without embarrassing ourselves!! :-). I think that we could have done it sooner, but we were bring quite cautious because we are OLD!! :-). I would highly encourage you to sign up for and attend an organized run as soon as you are almost ready. Knowing that it is coming is a great source of inspiration and motivation!!

Now, onto the pumps. Here in the States "pumps" refer to machines used to move things from one place to another, such as air or water pumps. It can also refer to a specific style of womens shoes. Generally, they have a closed-back, a low cut toe and often times a bit of a heel. What, pray tell would it refer to "on your side of the pond?". :-)

Steve. :-)


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