Dark runnings and Freddo treats!

Hello everyone :)

OK, so I went camping at the weekend ( I'm a virgin camper), and I was really anxious but hubby and kids made me go! I packed my running gear but I HAD NO IDEA WHERE I WAS...I would have been lost in the wilderness, so I didn't run ( naughty girl).


I was aware I am on my HM training ( Juicyju stylie) and I needed to do something...SO.

Mr Juicyju had strict instructions to push me out of bed at 5.15 this mornng. He did...and flipping heck I so wanted to roll over and pull the duvet back over my head...

In my head..' Come on Ju, you know you want to ( no I don't I'm tired)'...'OK so you can't do a HM then ( oh f*** it OK then I'm getting up)'

Preps: Kit on , vaseline ( lips), water, head torch ( oh yesss I'm a pro now) and silky steve in my ears.

I walk out into the darkness, and blimey I felt my t**s were going to freeze. Perhaps my running vest was a bit ambitious in northerly winds?

Off I go...oh wow, its dark, its exciting, I'm blinding all the yorkie munching lorry drivers ( oh yessss), and I'm in full panther mode.

Amazing, just me, my running, the darkness and my inner panther. Really carnal and at one with nature, it was exhilarating. I have to admit to a few dances on the way.

No records were broken...9.3k in one hour, but what a great run.

Then back to the madness of kids breakfasts, homework, then off down the M5 for a 9am start to a busy day. I treated myself to my favourite birthday pressie ( freddo frogs X4)..well I deserved it!!!

So...for all you runners wanting to hide under the duvet...find your inner panther, get that head torch on and just run...and most importantly, enjoy it...




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25 Replies

  • Wow you did well to get out of bed...I think I need an inner panther! I've always been an afternoon/evening runner you see!

    And what a great time too, especially in the dark! Well done, your HM training is well under way!

  • Thankyou..I hope so, its scary!!

  • Out at 5.15? AM??? Much respect to you!!! Sounds like a great run too

  • Thankyou!!

  • What is this 515 of which you speak?

  • ha ha...I know, it was a bit nightmare like!!!

  • well done, that is what I call commitment :)

  • Thankyou!!

  • Aaah, 5.15 meant only another hour of night shift before the train home for me today (on Friday it will be getting on the train to work time, 30 minutes after getting up! ) All praise to you for your pantheresque efforts; I have never chosen to be up then but if I go for the hm & marathon next year I may have to join you! :'(

  • Oh babes, I feel your pain, I used to do nights in A and E in London...7 on and 7 off, and it was the hardest thing I have ever ever done.....EVERY respect to you...marathons will be a piece of cake for you :)

  • If I've said it once, I've said it I don't know how man times. You're turning into (or already are) one hell of a C25K-er. Only 9.3 in an hour? Only? And in the middle of the night? Uurgh - gimme the duvet any time. Especially 5:15 a.m. (:->)

    Keep up the fantastic work Juicy. Our truly amazing panther.

  • thankyou so much Malcy that means alot coming from you....panthering is definately my future, it helps!!!

  • Oh - and I meant to say "happy birthday"

  • Thankyou....I'm not a huge fan of birthdays.....not since my 40th

  • Freddie frogs well deserved one for getting up at that time, two for the run time and definitely three for your birthday. Well done you master panther.

  • Thankyou....you strike me as a panther too

  • Thanks RFC for reminding me of this... And I went out this morning... 5k in 28 minutes I'm a happy Panther again :)

  • My pleasure, glad your a happy Panther again.

  • Crikey Moses; 5.15???? Big respect, Mrs Panther!!

  • Thankyou....Mr Canada!!

  • Wow, I'm a morning person but even so 05:15 is definitely worthy of considerable respect. You're laying a claim to being a seriously dedicated runner - and if you try to tell non-runners what you do at 5:15, they may think you barking (may be best to keep that bit quiet at work... ;-) )

    Not being a chocolate person I had to google freddo frogs (thought they might be something to do with Freddie Flintoff, but no, sadly) . Hmm, glad you enjoyed your birthday treat but not sure that really works with the panther image ...

    So how did you like the camping? It's great to sleep outdoors, but I seldom have an unbroken sleep when I do (even when dog-tired).

  • Thankyou...but aha...Freddo's are panthering food as you can bite their heads off...panther style. Caming was OK, but I would have preferred wildernesss not sterile camping with people in huge mega 'home from home' tents!!! How is your injury..and the Spanish???

  • More Freddie Starr than Freddie Flintoff then!

    Ah yes, that can sometimes be the polar opposite of wilderness camping (something I find scarily appealing).

    Thanks for asking - I can't feel the hamstring any more which is good (especially after two boring weeks of exercises), but won't test it out for another week.

    We're driving across into Spain tomorrow at sparrows' fart, with lunch in Zaragoza or Teruel and supper near Alicante. We have been warned that it's getting cooler (only 27C or so... ;-) ).

  • That sounds amazing... And I am so pleased your hamstring injury is getting better... Not long now and you'll be running free...enjoy that beautiful trip...I'm v jealous!!

  • I think I'm going to invest in a head torch - the street lighting around my way is appalling and the pavements so uneven that my running technique is starting to look totally bizarre (knees up in a frantic attempt not to trip over lifted flagstones, tree roots etc. I fall over easily enough when I'm stationary without going a*** over t** during a run).

    Although I've only just graduated, I am now hearing the call of distances. I get to 5k and still want to keep going because I've found my groove. Am planning a longer route for Sunday during the day (so I can see where I'm going and people can see me although I do have my pink Ronhill jacket so I'm not completely invisible in the dark (it's SO pink!!) Do you think my inner panther is trying to get out? Certainly hope so because it would explain alot.

    And a belated happy birthday Juicyju - hope the Freddo's hit the spot x

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