Night Fever

Scores on the doors: pulled the duvet back over my head every day this week having seen total darkness at my usual morning run time...Forget it!!

2.I've had a busy week and a few hard home truths today... also its my birthday tomorrow and I always like to get a bit morose at this time...

3. I decided on an evening run to vent my emotions and frustrations and also address the darkness issue.

4.I didn't bother with the head torch as I stuck to the main road. I wanted to do my usual 10k route but its off the road and Mr Juicyju said I shouldn't.

5.So it was the 5k route...I belted it..I sprinted..... shouting, yelling, making carnal noises...well that felt great, getting rid of all the crap.

6. Very tricky navigating all the undergrowth in the darkness, I kept getting attacked by prickly things!!

7.I thought I'd done it in about 20 minutes!!! AS IF...flipping 30 minutes...I cannot seem to nail the sub 30 5k...grrrrrrr

8.I couldn't help but cry on the walk home...yes I know thats pathetic, but I put my heart and soul in that run and I really thought I'd nailed it. But I did enjoy it...mostly!!

So no excuses now, gotta get out there in that darkness!!!

And now for the red..I have a day off tomorrow



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25 Replies

  • You'll get there, keep at it and I've no doubt you'll get sub 30 soon. Happy birthday for tomorrow :)

  • Thankyou.... But you have to go so fast!!!

  • firstly, happy birthday for tomorrow - second, just remember that we all have our bad runs, but they are just bad runs, and the next one will be different again

    and last - no matter how hard I try to, I can't nail a 5k in under 30mins either, so you're not the only one!

    it's all about the training, do you want to do shorter distances fast, or go for longer distances but get them done - we'rent you doing a 17k run a few weeks ago - maybe you can do distance easier than you do speed!

    Also sounds like you have been having a bit of a bad week too, so make sure you are in the mood for your run, it always makes a massive difference.

  • Wise words... Thankyou... And yes I have decided I am a panther that prefers the long distance runs and not speed so much... You are right about frame of mind for a run, but it did help.. Hoping to run today but later as I have to get out of a tent first !!!!

  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)

  • Thankyou .... I'm just glad it's over!!!

  • I have no doubt you'll get your sub 30 very soon. Happy Birthday for tomorrow - enjoy some glasses of grape.........I shall raise one to the Panther ;-)

  • Thankyou and yes I drowned my birthday sorrows in a vat of red!!!

  • Happy Birthday for half an hour's time!!

    Remember you're a panther :)

  • Happy Birthday! I'm a Virgoan too! And **** the "sub-whatever" timing! Your healthy and fit. End of and enjoy!

  • Wise words and no doubt a happy birthday is in order for you too!

  • Happy birthday JJ - enjoy the day. And you should also enjoy your 6 (?) month running (and panther reincarnation) birthday too and raise an extra glass for all that that has brought you. :)

    As to the PB effort, it's all about pace. You need that Garmin to tell you how you're doing right from the start - v diificult on your own otherwise. You can do it easily - you just need to control that panther...

  • Thankyou.. And yes I'm thinking of getting one...good point, I think its all about controlling the panther, you are quite right!!

  • Hey Julia - we all have blue periods (going through a spot of one myself at the moment - c'est la vie) - but the running and the gang are what keep us all in the game. You will nail that sub 30- as you are very determined - I have long ago accepted not within my gift right now. Park run tomorrow??

    Anyway didn 't go on my run this morning - all sorts of feeble excuses -- but I was just to darn tired and the duvet had me pinned in the bed. I don't think the ribena from last night help either.

    Happy birthday to you,

    squashed tomatoes and stew,

    you look like a panther

    and run like one too :-)

    Yay - have a good day.xx

  • Thankyou that's really cheered me up and I love my birthday song!!!!... You are right about the blog etc it does really help... Xxxx

  • Happy birthday, Mrs Panther!

    I get morose on my birthday, too.

    Who cares about sub-30 5k, when they're running as far and as positively as you??

  • Lovely words thankyou

  • Happy Birthday, I think that sounds like a cracking run and you enjoyed it, so chalk to success. The sub 30 mins will come, but it isn't everything. :-)

  • Too right and thankyou

  • Happy Birthday panther. Hope you have had a great day. :)

  • Thanks Greenlegs!

  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!! ;)

  • Thankyou

  • Happy birthday !!!!!

    And well done getting out in the dark I havent run all week as hubby back to work looking forward to the morning run tomorrow and sub 30 will come x kate x

  • Thankyou and yes it's much harder isn't it!!!

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