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Piffle Paffle

.....As my wonderful Gran used to say, which means hot air, load of rubbish etc...

I find on a run you can totally let go all of the 'piffle paffle' of life, focus on the run, your body, your breathing, your pantherly power.....mmmm purrrrrfect.

I have had a hard core 3 day training thing going on in true juicyju style:

day 1: speed. with Laura .. hard and focussed

day 2: PB, but a sub 30 minute 5k, and I beat Geoff and Nigel who always come up at the same time as me. My sprint finish made me feel strong and powerful ( ? effects of Laura's speed???)

day 3: Long run...I so wanted to do a practice HM, I had a lucozade isotonic syrup thing and 6 of those chewy milk bottle sweets ( remember them?) one for each 5k. It was wonderful but I got to 15.5k and my body said 'ENOUGH JUICY JU we are VERY tired' Oh OK then, still.... I was quite happy with that. Body is totally OK now, can't help thinking that was my bad evil panther whispering bad thoughts on my shoulder...Next Sunday, new bad panthers....

HM training plan till Friday:

two interval sessions, rowing and a 1 mile swim

Work on mental agility to to focus on running when tired and conquering bad panther

Panther Treats:

My best friend mermaid 66 is coming to parkrun, lido, and an afternoon with Belle our hero on saturday.

2 cream eggs a day

snacky snacks after each session

2 cans of Whiskers


Happy panthering everyone

Love Panther Ju Ju


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It's lovely isn't it - a long run (not that ever covered anything like 15k) with only yourself for company. I love having a good old natter to myself putting the world to rights. Loving the panther treats too - the creme eggs anyway, not so much the whiskers! Xx


It so does doesn't it... Panther treats are the best ;)


That plan made my brain bleed, but try extra hard next week and put in an extra effort on behalf of my rib. Good luck.

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Thankyou... And I hope your rib is better soon...


Bloody slacker! What's wrong with you? Get out there and do some PROPER training!!!!

I thought that was funny! Seriously juju, you are one heck of an inspiration. 15.5K? For gods sake, that's IN CRED IB LE!

Have you tried whiskas on toast? No.....neither have I?!!

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Awww thanks DTG...I'm so on it now.. My panther treats were in memory of my beautiful cat Tiger... He was wild.. He loved his whiskers and went crazy for Kitzyme.. There should be an alternative for humans ( Soma?).. I'm on panther rest tonight...


Two creme eggs a day? You'll certainly be on a sugar high with that!! Not sure about the Whiskers though. Perhaps run fast to avoid eating that ;)

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Hee hee!!! One thing about me is that I loves the choccy choc... Can't get enough and creme eggs are my absolute favourite!!!


I'm with you on the choccy choc but I'm a dark choc man myself; find the creme eggs a bit too sweet. But a dark Belgian after dinner.....just right ;)


15.5K and you felt tired! That's still pretty darn impressive. Especially given this was your 3rd consecutive day of training.

Take it steady ;-)

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Thanks Mr felt good though...taking it steady tonight watching the delicious Kevin Mcloud :)


wow you really are going for it. Your body must be made of strong stuff. hehe I am on a chocolate embargo at the moment. still got some weight to lose but cant wait till the time I will have spare for treats, running has made it all so much easier. I am cross training at the moment as well, running and swimming, must start with the cycle soon but just signed up for 3 mile sports relief so that will come first. I find it so strange having such a different focus on life completely. Its always great your read about your runs, in the future I would love to be doing those sorts of distances. I would say go easy on said "Bad Panther" I think she is serving you very well at the moment. Wouldn't like to know what an angry panther would do? happy running.


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