The Juicy Half

The Juicy Half

Hello all you wonderful people...

Today is the day that I ran my first Half Marathon ( Fanfare sounds at this point!)

So here is Juicyju's story:

1. Fully panthered up with mental focus, black gear, vaseline for the lips, berrocca in a bottle and my panther sweatbands, off I went ( well I was driven into town to be dropped off!). I made a point of cooking a tagine last night to fuel up as I haven't been eating properly before my long runs as a friend said I really had to eat more, so I am...

2. I started off on the Downs in Bristol where all the Sunday runners go, they all looked like scary full on types but I gave them all a full Juicyju smile- 50% returned the gesture, the rest got a panther growl...grrrrrr

3. Clifton suspension bridge...ooh laa laa now that was fun, what a view and silky steve was telling me how amazing and beautiful I am ( well a girl can dream eh!) so I felt great.

4. Ashton Court next where we do was cancelled yesturday due to Brisfest, which as I ran through I discovered was a festival with bands etc...A few random types were staggering around and I gave a cheery hello and wave to the bearded man slunk against the fence enjoying his can of 'Special Brew'He didn't reciprocate!!!!

5. Then the boring bit....8k, 10k, oh blimey I'm not even half way yet....come on Ju KEEP RUNNING!!

6. At 14k I vaselined up my lips as I was getting so dry...but I was in the zone panthering along which was so good

7. I got to SPAR at 17k to get my drink and boy I was tired, and so sweaty. My legs were starting to feel heavy..

8. Off I went again......OK so at about 17.5k I hit the 'wall'...thump. My heart was so heavy and I started crying, my legs just stopped. So I rang home and told Mr Juicyju who said, 'where are you, I'll come and pick you up' which I replied, 'No..this is the bit you are supposed to tell me I can do it, that I only have just over 3k to go etc' 'oh' he said, I'll bring Leon then to help! So with 3 and a bit k to go I had my beautiful lad delivered, and Mr Juicyju driving up and down yelling things at me. Leon was amazin...... I was running, crying moaning and he kept telling me that I can do it and to keep going...and then I managed to find my panther again and gave a growl and just kept on running...

9. The last 1k was so hard, I just wanted it to end...kill me now...please..

10. Finally the magic numbers 21.9 appearred...OMG I have only bloody well done it...and in 2 hours and 21 minutes. I liken that hardness to week 5 run 3, That was so so hard, which made me realise if I can progress to this then the sky's the limit...

I have decided I aim to be a long distance running panther...speed is not for me

Thankyou so much everyone for all your amazing support

sending you all a Juicyju panther purr

Happy panthering


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88 Replies

  • That's great well done!!! You must feel proud now.

  • Thanks aftabs...just relieved I made it as I was so determind to do it!!! you are doing so very well too...

  • That's truly, pantherly, excellent. You clearly had to dig deep, but you did, and kept at it. That's a great post and, as ever, you're setting the bar high for the rest of us. Long may it continue.

  • aww thankyou...I had to really find my panther for this one, blimey that was hard!!!!

  • Wow, that is really impressive! Well done! :-)

  • Thankyou!!

  • Well done JuicyJu fantastic result - keep panthering along

  • Thankyou...and it looks like you are a little panther too...!!

  • fantastic and really well done. RESPECT- digging deep and an amazing achievement. well earned rest and a glass of ribena methinks :-)

  • Thankyou so much...I had some fizzy pop, and now I am on the ribena :)

  • ps. you really do look fantastic- no beetroots in sight at all

  • Oh darling, thankyou so much...that smile zapped the last of my energy!!!!

  • Purrrfect panthering JJ and nice blog. The tags were good too. It must have been great to have the family encouraging you at the end. Really well done :)

  • Thankyou....and I was rather pleased with my tags, I couldn't have done it without my lad Leon encouraging and running with me....he certainly helped me purr!!!

  • We'll done! What a milestone to cross. Very pleased for you.

  • Thankyou so much Tready :)

  • Absolutely brilliant Juicy! And as an ex-Bristolian, thanks for the details of the route - I could picture it all, and it was great that it started from 'up the Downs'...! Haven't been there for a very long time.

    What a lovely hubby & son, to give you that extra push and confidence when you really needed it, although I think you would have found the sleeping panther and woken it up anyway, I can't see you letting the final measly 3K beat you!

    Fantastically well done! :-)

  • Ha ha thankyou, I'm glad you liked my little Bristol tour, I was lucky to have all the interesting sights at the beginning....and yes it was really good that the family saved the day!!! There was NO WAY I was going to let that last 3k get the better of me, but I really felt it.....

  • Fantastic Julie!! A fab post and love the photo :) Amazing support when you needed it too! The world is now your running oyster!!


  • what a great thought. I so want to do the Paris marathon but blimey thats DOUBLE what I did today...sooo scary

  • OMG what a fabulous achievement, you must feel fantastic :D

  • Thankyou so much Phil...I do feel quite pleased!!!

  • Wow ee!!! You must be a very proud panther, amazing well done...

    Susie x

  • I am a purring panther...thankyou!!

  • Well done Juicy! What an amazing achievement & what great support you have. Many congratulations!

  • Thankyou!!

  • Well done Panther, you must feel so proud.... :)

  • ha ha yes proud panther purring!!

  • Well done juicy xxx

  • Thanks Saruma!

  • well done. what a fantastic inspiring post. This panthering lark is one of my goals to aim at achieving, thanks to your wonderful blogs.. so pleased for you today and what lovely family support.

  • The panther is in you, its about that digging deep and getting in touch with your carnal side...growling from deep in your belly really helps when its so hard...try it!!! Or just put me down as a bit nuts!!!! Thankyou so much for your lovely words xx

  • Whoooooooo. You've only gone and done it!

    Well done, great effort, and a great result. You seem to have built up to this so quickly, which is just amazing. Loved reading the blogs, they always raise a smile.

  • ha ha thankyou so much Nerdio, I feel so lucky I have finally found something in life that is so glad it gives a smile :)

    We are all so very lucky to have running....

  • Wow. Fantastic. Brilliant. I can feel your pleasure and pride from here. I loved that your son joined you.

  • thankyou...Leon my little panther is amazing, and he knows me so well and can see right through my dramatics!!!!

  • totally inspiring.

  • awww thankyou, you are all so lovely its what gives me the energy to succeed!!!

  • Nice one Juicy!!! Wool! Does it feel like the achievement it is?

  • err...legs a bit sore and I am thinking how on earth can anyone do a marathon!!! However I have to take a step back and recognise that before feb of this year when I decided to do C25K I couldn't run for the bus without nearly collapsing!!!

  • Whoop! Whoop!!!! So much respect for you (and your lad!) very, very well done!!! :)

  • Thankyou..

  • Amazing! You are such an inspiration! I am finding my inner panther

  • That's fantastic.... Happy panthering, and thankyou

  • From 0 to 21k in something like 7 months....impressive. I can't get my head round 21k. Wowee.... panther lady...... that is quite some achievement. When exactly did you graduate?

  • Thankyou.... Graduated in may ish.... You prompted me to look at my graduation run ...

    Indeed it had!!!!

  • total respect for you there, I will be sticking with the shorter distances and trying to get a bit faster. You have done brilliantly :)

  • Thankyou so much...

  • We started C25k at the same time and graduated pretty near too. You have now run 21.9k and I have run... 8k. Feeling a bit of an underachiever here! Huge congratulations on doing the distance without even a race to keep you going. I bet you will do that Paris marathon too.

  • Thankyou... And we have all had different aims on this.. 8k is a fantastic achievement, just think this time last year there is no way we could do that!!! I really want to be a distance runner so that is where my focus has been...

  • Huge congratulations to you, that's a fantastic achievement and I'm totally in awe, hope you're feeling pretty chuffed with yourself. Great too that you had your panther cub to spur you on at the end :)

  • Thankyou.... Yes my panther cub did me proud...!!

  • Fantastic. Well done.

    there seems to be a progression:

    Couch - 5k - Parkrun - 10k - HM - M?

  • Thankyou... Yes I am and dream of a marathon, I want to do one European city a year...starting with Paris!

  • Congratulations. Brilliant achievement. You must be really buzzing.

  • Thankyou.. And yes!!!

  • Whooppeeeee!!!!! Well done!

  • Thankyou beads!!

  • Respect juicyju, that's so inspirational, I can't wait for the day when I post something similar :D

    Fab photo too :)

  • Thankyou... And you will!!!

  • Fab post and a fab achievement....what a total inspiration you are Mrs Panther ! Reading this has made me more determined to increase my distance. What great support you had from Mr J and your little panther too.....brilliant :)

  • Excellent... Well done you and thankyou!!

  • OMG .... What an amazing blog and amazing achievement :) :

    Sorry getting onto the www so very late in the day :( but just had to send congrats, best wishes, and tell you how darned awesomely inspirational you are! No doubt you are buzzing, and your supportive family sooooooo proud. Sleep well and sweet dreams of your next challenge. Linda X

  • Thankyou so much Linda, little bit stiff this morning!!

  • Hi Juicy. Just spotted your post. Absolutely fantastic! What can I say - zero to hero in just a few months. And just look at the number of people congratulating you - that should tell you how much you are respected and dare I say loved within the community. A great photo - Leon looks a real live wire, and do I see matching shoe laces?

    I know what you mean about the last bit being the hardest. For me at the GNR, it was the final 800 metres. I know, because There was a big sign that said 800 metres to go. I swear I ran a full kilometer before I saw the next sign - 400 metres to go. Damn, those were the longest 400 metres anyone ever ran!

    So, half marathon done. Do you think you can make the final hurdle to a full marathon? I think you can. Maybe not today or tomorrow but some day and soon. And all of us will be celebrating with you!

    Well done!

  • Thankyou for your really lovely words Malcy, yes I found the last k the hardest!!! And yes I want to train for the full marathon but that's going to be so tough, just such a long way!!!!!

  • Well I have just woken up on this dreary morning to your great blog ! Love the photo love your story and omg hm how cool does it feel a day later ! You must be walking on air I hope one day soon my inner slug turns into a pantger ! Lol whoop whoop well done keep up your wonderful blogs kate x

  • Thankyou...and dig deep, your inner panther is there....

  • Wow purr away Julie what a fantastic achievement and a fantastic blog as always...your have made such amazing progress and so quickly a real inspiration to the rest of us!!! You don't even look like you have started to exert yourself in your pic yet alone run a half marathon..well done!!!

  • Thankyou...and I am actually amazed at that pic as I did feel dead and it took 50% of my remaining reserves to smile!!!!! Thankyou so much..

  • Brilliant run, juicyju, and to say you only graduated in May is amazing.

  • Thankyou so much....

  • Wow! Congratulations! Awesome achievement, you must be chuffed to bits. I am just getting back into the running after a long break and just back on the boards so great to read this. A question though, where is the orange headband?! ;)

  • So glad you are getting back in, well done that must be really hard.... oh and i really wanted a panther headband ( Puma with the panther on) and they didn't have orange...I am so going to put that back on..thankyou so much for noticing!!!! :)

  • Excellent work Juicy! Well done! Great determination to finish despite it getting tough. Brilliant!

  • Thankyou so much...and yes it was soooo hard!!!

  • I just stopped working here at the studios when I saw your post. I read it with my jaw slowly opening in amazement as I took in each step of your incredible run. What an achievement JuJu - I mean......... stunning! Incredible.

    I am in awe. Your mental and physical prowess are inspiring to all who think that they can't ever do any exercise. What great support from JuJuJunior and Mr JuJu too. We all need that sometimes eh?!

    Back to work then for me. I'm still agog. Well done indeed!

  • awww thankyou so so much Mr DTG ( my new name for you...Danzargo the groin!!!!)....Ha ha ...and I haven't made anyone's jaw drop in a long time!!! Hope work is OK ...take care, Ju Ju

  • Just saw your Post Juicyju, you are fantastico, brillianto!!! Congrats!!! Good luck to you for your future running too!!!

  • thankyou so so much.....

  • It seems like my earlier Reply did not get here. I just saw your Post and want to say CONGRATS Juicyju!! You are fantastico and brillianto!!! Keep up the good work, I do love your determination to keep running and do love your lad too! Good luck to you for your future running too!!!

  • That was brilliant to read and I'm grinning now for you. The bit about your lad coming was so sweet, you're really lucky! Well done, you are an inspiration!!!! :)

  • Thankyou...and yes I am so lucky, my lad is a real star!!!

  • Room for one more reply?

    You have the most supportive and wonderful family. You are the most determined person ever and never give up. You are an inspiration. Oh and slightly mad you panther you :-D


  • awww thankyou so much Alcopop..and yes I am a bit nutty ( or rather panthery!!) I hope your life is getting less mad?? Take care, Julia

  • Wow. One sneaks away for a week only to find that you have gone and doubled your running distances without warning. :)

    21.9k and in 2h21m is amazing - and quite exhausting just thinking about it (especially after a week enjoying the Mediterranean and Pyreneean sun). By any standards that's hugely impressive - especially the mental toughness that you have to have to overcome that desperate desire to stop - and with a HM being 21.1k I presume that extra 0.8k was just a little happy dance... ;- ) It's a brilliant achievement and bodes well for a good result at the Eden Project. Fantastic. Congratulations. :)

  • Congratulations juicyju!! What a fantastic result.

    And so sweet that mr juicyju and your boy came along for your last 3k :)


  • well done the last bit tuff but that good news

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