17k.....perhaps there really is a panther in me?

I know I did Parkrun yesturday, but after my 4 days of run starvation I needed more...a bit like when you have something good, you just want more.....

So- I got Mr JuicyJu to get out of bed and drop me off in Long Ashton at 06.50 and off I went... To be fair we were already awake as we have a very naughty cock that refuses to go in the hen house and yells at the top of his voice up the tree from 4.30!!! I had my new panther sweatbands on ( black puma head and wristbands) and silky steve to keep me tame.

The first half an hour was so HARD...my legs were like joints of steel ( not sure thats quite the right analogy) and I kept chanting my Nemo-esque mantra, 'Just keep running, just keep running'so I did. I got to 40 minutes and I was just finding my 'long run' zone where I can just keep going on autopilot.

There wasn't many folk about but a lady on a bike went past and looked at me with a frigid stare, so ( sorry folks) I swore quietyly and her and gave an appropriate hand gesture, then enjoyed the moment with a naughty laugh!

When it got to 90 minutes and silky steve said, 'you are now in the long run zone and you are burning bodyfat' I threw my arms in the air and did my Juicyju dance ( there wasn't much traffic on the road so I don't think I scared anyone)....

I got to Spar and dashed in for my energy drink...enjoying a few stares and chuckles as I carried on running round the shop.Nearly home...you can do it Ju, but oh my legs were aching and my left foot was really sore but I wasn't going to let that stop me...

I looked at my Nike app and I had done 16.5...right lets get to 17, so I really sprinted with energy from somewhere ( probably last nights tagine) and I did it, I swore my head off loudly ( sorry nice people of Cleeve) but needs must.

17k in 1 hour and 51 minutes....I'm a very happy panther.

Now I am enjoying chilling, watching our mad hens and stroking the bunnies with a nice afterglow of success.

Happy Sunday everyone...and of course happy panthering too




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46 Replies

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  • Ooooh, nice llllooooonnnnngggg run!

  • Thaaaaaankyou!!!!!

  • Wowee that was one heck of a long run juicyju, well done. Will have to have a listen to silky steve if he can motivate runners to 17K ;)

  • You will... He's fab!!!

  • That is mighty impressive!!!!! Well done!!!!!!! Fab post too - as always!

  • Thanks FB.... Xxxx

  • You're a real inspiration, great panthering Juicyju and congratulations on a truly awesome run :D

    I tried thinking panther thoughts on my run today but I was definitely more moggy who'd had too many cat treats...

  • Thank you.... I so think you can find your inner panther .... Dig deep SQ xxxx

  • I'm going to take it slowly and hope my inner panther appears one day. For the meantime it's definitely cuddly moggy plodding along!

  • No... Panthering is a mindset... And you have it SQ you just need to embrace it xxx

  • Thanks for your encouragement and confidence in me. I'm definitely feeling better already for going back to running for 30 minutes, found it hard today with the wind against me on the way back but managed to do 4.1K again, so hopefully in time I'll get my head into 'panthering' mode. How are you feeling after your mammoth run today?

  • I feel fine actually, just not so sure about work tomrrow!!!! well done on your run thats fab......panthering isn't about distance or speed, its about the mind...check out wikepedia xxx and thankyou x

  • I take that back I've woken up And legs won't work!!! Bit stiff

  • Have tried wiki but can't find it - can you remember what the search term was? Interested to know a bit about sport psychology.

  • Gosh jj that's fab. I can't wait to get that far one day. Well done xx

  • Thanks darling...and I can't wait for the day we will run back from Bristol together... Leon was getting really excited about aiming for a Christmas parkrun with all of us and then a huge slap up Brek afterwards... Wouldn't that be fab?? X

  • Wow, 17K, very impressed!

    Well done indeed.

  • Thank you!! I think I impressed myself!!

  • You should patent that plan of yours it's clearly working - very impressed - well done :-)

  • Thank you.... I'm working on the next stage of my plan...

  • Well done!! That's really impressive!! Love the thought of you still running while you pop in the shop :)

  • Thank you... And yes it was fun in Spar!!

  • clearly last night's ribena hit the spot-well done :-)

  • Hee hee I think it did... Oh dear and I've done the same today and I'm working tomorrow!!

  • Well done!! A fabulous run. I love the panther image, slinking along. :)

  • Slinking along... That's just perfect for a panther...love it!!

  • WOW!! You crazy woman! By heck are we all impressed, but I hope you don't suffer too much for it. My Parkrun efforts left me with all sorts of niggles today. But then I'm not a panther.

  • Hope you are ok... And yes I am a bit nuts but I'm fine... Clearly it's the panther in me, I'd recommend gettin in touch with your inner panther...

  • Seriously good run, and a great effort. The half-marathon is almost in the bag. Well done.

    Keep blogging, I enjoy the chuckle!

  • Thank you... Mmm I think I still have way to go but that's lovely encouragement...

  • I so love Mr Ben... Did he ever do a running one in the changing room???

  • Apparently not. There were only ever thirteen episodes, which I find hard to believe!

    (Showing our age here me thinks :-) )

  • I know.... He was so cool....

  • Well done Juicy, you're doing amazingly well. You really will breeze that HM!

  • ... And so will you... Thank you .xx

  • Great blog Juicyju!

    And please tell me where you got Silky Steve from because I think I could do with some stroking....

  • ... He won't make the earth move but he's amazing at making you a better runner ;)

  • Wow! What an inspiration! Congrats for the epic run - and by the way, who is Silky Steve?! ;) x

  • He's the voice from Audiofuel....hits the spot

  • Wow what a great run and what a great hubby for getting up and dropping you off !Keep up the great blogs helps me get out of bed and run lol x

  • Awwwww thank you,just wondering about a run tomorrow morning....

  • So now I am going to have to start calling you wonder woman!

    And I obviously need to check out the way of the panther (sounds like a martial arts film)

    Proud of you for doing such a great run.

  • Thank you and yes panthering is my way of life now ... Not so much martial arts!!!

  • I have to say JuicyJu, I was reading along and chuckling to myself about all the possible tags which could be generated from some of the words in your post, but none appeared! I definitely think "inner panther" should be there!

    Well done on your run, that sounds amazing and you're well on your way to HM distance. Would so love if GPS tracked you round the Spar! :)

  • Ha ha thankyou... And yes what boring tags,,, I'm going to really spice them up next time ;)

  • Wow - 17k! And you started just like the rest of us, from non-running? What an inspiration!

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