I need your help....

When I did my long run on Sunday, I got home and my right arm was really really sore underneath. It was red raw to be precise. I realised that my arm had rubbed really hard on my sports bra/ vest combo as I ran ( I like swinging my arms a bit to power me along). I went for a run today...same combo ( washed of course) and same thing I have a sore open wound...

Can anyone advise on rubbing??

What am I doing wrong?


Any sportsgear that compensates for this???

perhaps I need some kind of strapping ( like nipple tape??)

Juicyju has a HM in October and I don't want rubbing to get in the way...I think that will be the last of my worries...but at least it might be one less....

Ps..I had a very hot 9k today and I am amazed how quickly its getting dark, I'm going to get my head torch out and ready to go...

Thankyou fellow runners,

And as ever...happy panthering




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28 Replies

  • I bought a V neck T shirt from Sports Direct yesterday and wore it last night. Its made by Karrimor is High Performance Wicking Xlite, very light weight with tiny holes through it. Its also very soft. Reduced from £34 99 to £10.99, its quite long in the body too, fitted slightly at the waist, a very comfortable top. The soft material would prevent rubbing.

    Lidl's running stuff will be on sale tomorrow too, they may have a top. Hope that clears up soon for you.

  • That sounds great..ill make a trip to sports direct at the weekend.... And my hubby does all our shopping at Lidl so ill get him to get me something... Thankyou Oldgirl!

  • I got a head torch this morning at Lidl, looking forward to the darker mornings now!! :)

  • I know it's not quite the same but when I had an unfortunate incident with undergarments bunching up and rubbing till I was red raw when cycling, I used bepanthan nappy cream (from boots, small tube doesn't cost much), it really did help speed up the healing process.

  • Sudocrem is fairly good as well.

    I've got a similar but opposite problem. My sportsbra has just started rubbing on my side under my arm (the 'other' side to you, as it were), it may just be that it's got hot and sweaty the last few days, but I didn't have this problem back in June. Maybe they 'wear out' the same as shoes do and we need new ones.

  • I like sudocrem, used nothing else on my children when they were babies, but I find it doesn't wash out of clothing very well, where as bepanthan is water based so allows the skin to breath and washes out your clothes. New sportsbra sounds good, they go round the wash so frequently!

  • I've always used sudocrem on mine when they were small but it is so thick... Thanks for the advice on the other stuff!!!

  • Ahhh, yes, as Louise says, Sudocrem doesn't wash out well (and takes lots of years to disappear from the brickwork after the little darlings get hold of the tub, lean out of the first floor window and smear it over the front of the house, I think it's still there and they're 17 and 15 now!).

  • My daughter smeared it around her bedroom and on the carpet, ruined the carpet! Aren't they adorable!!

  • My daughter spread Sudocrem on the teddy's bottom when she was little. I just caught her just before she got it on the carpet but the teddy (Caramel by name) never smiled again - stiff bottom. I suppose I wouldn't smile either in the circs. Her intentions were good. I think.

  • That's hilarious.... Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • How awful... It does get everywhere I remember that with my kids... But it always made them better!!! I put loads on last night and this morning feels great although its all over the bed now!!!!!

  • Never mind.At least the "nappy rash" is getting better.

  • Good point perhaps they do... And I was pretty wet which doesn't help!!! I have sudocrem... Good idea I love that stuff!! Thankyou...

  • Not heard of that one ill get some... Thanks for the advice...

  • If you're wearing a vest/singlet then it's more likely to rub there than if you're wearing a running T-shirt (with short arms). Sometimes exposing the flesh has untintended consequences! ;-)

  • got it...less flesh...more cover..perfect excuse for new gear, thankyou Landesman.... not seen you for a while and wondering how you were getting on???

  • Resting, m'dear... Tweaked a hamstring a couple of weeks ago, then got caught out by big surf and a steeply shelving beach when exiting the sea a few days later and felt it tear properly. Left it for a while, ran 5k without problem, then it went again on the next run. Very tiresome and frustrating, especially seeing you and others doing so well.

    We're off on a road trip to Spain in a couple of weeks so will go cold turkey and abstain from all running till I get back. Just hope the cycling and the walking offset the inevitably increased levels of wine, tapas and paella... :-)

  • Ah yes... I hope you have a wonderful time and I'm sure all your extra pursuits will keep your fitness levels up... I feel for you that must be really frustrating.... Plenty of paella, tapas and Rioja to make it better....

  • I'm not so sure. Sharing the dinner table with 11 Spaniards generally leaves me inspecting the bottom of an empty wine glass rather too often! Still, we're driving up the east coast then back along the Pyrenees with a stop-off in the rather beautiful Ordesa national park (pics here ), which I'm looking forward to.

  • That sounds utterly amazing... Well... enjoy the wine then!! Have an amazing time.

  • Sorry to hear about that - it sounds really sore. I have to wear a bit of tubigrip under my phone armband because otherwise the buckle rubs blisters into the underside of the top of my arm and they take ages to heal up there. I suppose when it's not so warm you'll have sleeves, will you, and this will prevent rubbing? I hope you can find a solution.

  • ooh that sounds sore...I am so going for sleeves...operation full cover up ready for my big run on Sunday!!!

  • Juicyju,

    Got the same problem with one of my sport bras. I decided in the end it was getting old and therefore the cotton or elastic had gone hard. Ditched it after getting a blister!

    My new ones the same brand are fine.

  • I guess everything gets worn out quite quickly...I may do the same!!!!!

  • Hi I had that problem, Vaseline solved it! Sounds strange but does work.

    Got the tip from 'Running Like a Girl,' great book, someone recommended on here. She actually said to put it on your feet as well,then put socks on (of course) and you'll have lovely soft feet when you get back from a run. However, then I heard your feet will be sliding around all over the place!? Did try it, didn't slide, but only ran for 10 minutes I think...

  • That is a great read! Definitely recommend it :)

  • Juicyju,

    I can't recommend anything for the healing process other than time, and being a guy I can't recommend on sports bras.

    But if you continue to get problems after it heals and you've tried other tops, I'd try Udderly Smooth chamois cream. It was designed for and made by cyclists specifically stop chaffing - I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work under the arms, as the problem is essentially the same (skin rubbing against skin). I personally cannot recommend it highly enough. Whenever I go for any length of run or cycle (other than a commute) I slather it on because I know I will chaff without it. It is more pricey than vaseline, at about £8, but I've not found anything else that works so well.

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