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BOOM...I'm in LOVE!

Made myself run today following so much wonderful advice from you all you wonderful people out there...

Here is the lowdown:

I decided to 'run live' using my FB C25k Group giving live updates as I ran ( hello everyone!!)...and everyone was so encouraging it spurred me on...thankyou so much all of you!!

I said to myself ' no expectations, no hard core piffle paffle, just run and enjoy it

I had a few niggles which I decided to ignore and just kept going ( I didn't stop running at all).

I had a proper lucozade drink and a stash of Tooty frooty's, jelly tots and fruit pastilles in my pocket which i had at 5k, 8k, 11k and at the end, and that really helped.

At 14k I was running past the railway line watching the road ahead, totally in my panther zone and it just hit me...BOOM. This is what makes me tick, makes me feel ALIVE and strong. So in true Juicyju style I spread out my arms like an aeroplane ( checking for bikes behind me!!) and then ran with my eyes closed basking in my enjoyment...Then I choked and cried...must be the endorphins too, but it has never hit me like that before.

I ran a total of 17.3k and it was just the best. I could have carried on but I wanted to stop on a high.

So I am determind now to have one or two runs in the week including an interval thing now I know what to do ( thanks everyone), and on non run days do my sons rowing machine. With that plan I think I will be OK for my HM in March.

Thankyou everyone for all your support, I couldn't do it without you all,

Panther JuJu


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What a fantastic post! Had to smile at the aeroplane wings! I started laughing at myself today when I realised I was not doing my arms properly, but more like kids do in circular movements when they are playing at being trains!

Glad you are in lurve - ENJOY those fab feelings!


Thankyou Beek!!


well done I am impressed. Can't get beyond 11km.


Thankyou...and yes you can, take it slow, small increases and no expectations...


Lovely post once again Ju Ju , I was following the comments this afternoon on fb. Pat :-)


Thanks for your support Pat!


Fabulous - made me smile. Enjoyed following your progress on fb this afternoon. :-)

Reply really helps knowing that the support is there...


Fanatsic, I knew it was still there, somewhere inside you, just had to wake it up again. I am so pleased for you. Very very happy running.


Thankyou so much...


Well done - over 17k what an achievement. Congrats and thanks for such great post too


Thanks Andy, glad you liked it!


Great run by the sounds of it, and an impressive distance. Well done.

BTW, what do you mean by 'running live', and 'FB C25K Group'? Have I missed something along the way? (Sorry for being thick if that is the case :-) )


Thanks Mr Ben.....we have a C25k facebook group which you can join ( its called C25kers on facebook, and loads from the blog are on it!!!). Its good for live and quick comments and support...


LOL. FB=Facebook. How dumb am I?

I have never looked for C25K on FB before.There are loads of groups. Which one do most people here use?


Well it's amazing what a few months off does - and just how much I have missed since lapsing off here!!

It looks like the main thing is that the HM running Panther has stepped it up a gear and has got so far inside the running zone that she can not only run 17.3k and could have carried on further, but has also learnt to fly like a plane, eat and drink on the run and tops it all off with a live commentary......

This really is an amazing message for all C25k'ers out there & what this group is all about - giving support no matter what level you're at.

Well done Panther - you've made some superb progress and you are a true inspiration to get me back out there and get the trainers on and having that rush of blood once again.

Reply glad I have inspired you to get out there again, good luck with that and make sure you blog so we can all see how you are getting on, go find your inner panther and get going!!

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Wow JuJu you really are in running mode, perhaps not panther any more, they can't run for long distances at a time. But you'll always be Panther girl to me. :) Well done.


oooo I didn't know that, I will have to change my spots!!! Thankyou Oldgirl..


"Tooty frooty's, jelly tots and fruit pastilles" :)

Glad you've found your MoJo again! Well done!


Thankyou...I needed the sugar hit, running high!!!

Reply happy your mojo is back. Love reading your posts so keep doing it. It sounds like running is definitely your thing :) :) :)


awww thank you so much, yes I am totally into my running, wish I didn't have to work then I'd be out every day!!!


Hooray for JJ! I can picture it. Fantastic!


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