W2R1 completed!

Well that wasn't bad at all. Hadn't looked forward to it as I found W1R1 hard and wondered if this would be a shock to the system too. It was definitely a bit more of a stretch than W1, but my body felt ready for it and I wasn't gasping at the end of any run. There are only 6 runs rather than 8 which was somehow a psychological advantage for me too. Bring on run 2!!

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  • That's great. It's such a wonderful feeling isn't it? I am now on week 7 and the programme really works so keep at it and enjoy!

  • Thank you!

  • That's great news! Well done! I am starting week 2 on sunday and hope it goes as well for me!

  • Thanks Lippie - and good luck for Sunday. I'll be interested to hear how you find it.

  • I'm going to start week 2 on Sunday too so its good to hear how things went for you Hennith. I hadn't appreciated that there were 6 runs instead of 8 so that makes me feel psychologically better already!

  • Hope it goes well tomorrow - you can do it!

  • Well done! :)

  • Thank you!!

  • well done you. Just completed that run this morning. I found it hard to start with (did start uphill which was a silly thing to do). But I settled into it. Yaaay! Did it!

  • Well done to you too! Managed W2R2 today, and that went OK too, so I'm a happy bunny!

  • just completed my first run of week 2. finding the 90 second run just enough of a push without being too exhausting - great to read everyone's experiences

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