W2R1 completed!

Hi guys/gals,

Ok, so I started week 2 today and I must say I wasn't in the best frame of mind and was more than a little reluctant to actually get out the door and start it, but as I hadn't anything else to actually do I forced myself into my shorts and trainers, grabbed my iPod shuffle & earphones, locked the front door behind myself and started walking...

Once I started the podcast and heard Laura's voice I perked up a little. I made sure that when I finished the warm up walk I didn't go off running too fast and made an effort to keep it nice and slow.

I decided to take my usual route (off my housing estate and onto a small industrial estate, round the one large block and back again) and although my panting at the end of each run didn't seem to last as long as when I was doing week 1, I did start to feel as though my lower legs had huge weights attached to them and a slight soreness in my right knee. I guess these are all just usual signs that my body is getting to grips with this new sensation. I do hope so! :)

Anyway, I'm pleased I actually managed to get out the door and start off week 2 of the programme and will rest tomorrow (what else, it's Sunday! lol) and hopefully do my 2nd run of week 2 on Monday.


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12 Replies

  • Getting out is sometimes the challenge but we always feel better when we make the effort. Well done on the run. Are you stretching as that can make a big difference to how your joints feel?

  • Thank you Irishprincess! :)

    I'll be honest, no I haven't done any stretching. Up to now, apart from puffing and panting while jogging along I haven't had any other problems, so I've not thought I needed any extra exercise!

    It was a couple of hours ago now when I finished my run and I feel ok now. It was just at the time when my knee felt a bit sore so I put it down to all the new jolting it's been subjected to!

  • Try these. They don't take long and make a big difference to your little aches and niggles. Note the word "little" at the minute!


  • Thanks! :)

  • Well done Lee! You did it and ignored the gremlin in your head telling you to stay on the couch. I haven't done my run yet because it's still early here and I need to wait until dark otherwise it's too hot.

    I'm sorry you have the knee problem. I haven't run since last Monday because of my knee. It's still a bit niggly but it has got better overall. If I can get some new shoes I'm going to run today, but I might regret it later.

    This a link to some knee exercises that I have been doing to try to strengthen my legs. Apparently weak leg muscles can cause knee injuries because the patella doesn't track properly or something.

  • Ah, excellent. Thanks for that Twiglet! :)

    I hope you get your proper trainers sorted and finally get back out there (then tell us all about it).

  • Well done Lee

    Yep , sometimes its hard to get out of the door, but you always feel better for making the effort !

    Yes , stretches after are really important !

    Good Luck, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy. Will do! :) x

  • Good on you Lee :)

  • Cheers John! :)

  • Well done Lee 337. I've just finished too. No particular pain when running, which was odd as my ankle had been aching before, but survived. I still can't believe that I made it. I looked at the time after 30 secs, and once it turned 60, it didn't seem too bad to hold on to 90. We'll see what happens on Monday

  • Thanks africanali! Roll on Monday, eh? ;)

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