Wk5R2 Completed......tough going!

Wk5R2 Completed......tough going!

Well, I wasn't nervous about Wk5R3 before R2, but I admit I am a bit now :-(

The first 8 minutes running was fine, in fact it flew by - I've picked a new route which is more cross country (accompanied by a Muntjac deer this morning for part of the run trotting along the hedgerow with me!). I was really pleased and comfortable and looking forward to the second 8 minute run. The homebound route is more along roads and pretty much incline a lot of the way (albeit slight) and I really struggled. Having said that I did do it and recovered pretty quickly too so maybe it was just an off day?

However, my lovely Pink Garmin (in support of Cancer UK - not because it's pink right?) says I ran my fastest Kilometre at 6.56 - is this too fast? I'm guessing that this is because it's measuring my first full run K instead of walk/run and I wasn't going any faster than usual. Any comments from you seasoned Graduates?

Happy St. Georges Day all - I promise I won't eat any :-D Even though they're Raspberry and White Chocolate :-)

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  • Its only to fast if you feel whacked, if you are comfortable then no, well done, good effort.

  • Thank you Hussainbolts - sounds like good advice. Love the name :-D

  • Just read your profile, 6 stone! Wow, I thought i'd done well losing 4. If you've come this far, you can lose the rest, what an effort and a big well done. And quit smoking! Blimey, what will power, running will not be a problem after achieving those two things. Good lass, keep it up

  • Oh thank you so much, that's lovely.....and good luck with graduating today!! You can do it! :-D

  • Hi.. Happy St George's day!!

    I would say if you struggled then to slow it down a bit. It's more important to go the distance than to go fast.

    Good luck with your next run. I think it's good to change route as it keeps interest up!

  • Thanks Mancunianpoodle - I do try to go slow and think it was more the incline that did it, but I'm figuring that can only be good for my fitness and it didn't actually kill me lol. I do love the new route, much nicer than pavements and houses so will try and stick with it :-)

  • Well done !!!! And possibly slow down....the next run brings it all together then it's mainly longer runs so find your pace, you can afford to slow down, you're way faster than me :) good luck with the next one - you can do it :)

  • Happy Saint Georges Day Sazzle !

    Well done on your run , I would certainly treat yourself to a little cake or two. They look flippin' gorgeous ! Just the ticket with a luvvly cuppa Yorkshire Tea ! :-)

    You are very talented xx Is that your line of business if you don't mind me asking ? xxx

  • I musn't poppypug, I must resist!! It's a little sideline / hobby business yes and I love it! I'm The Fat Cow Cake Company :-D :-D :-D xxx

  • Oh brilliant Sazzle, those cakes look amazing ,you are soo talented !

    Well done , and love the name of your company , Im off to do some googling :-D xxx

  • Oooh you are sooo clever !

    Ive just had a look , your cakes are amazing ! I love that Christmas one where all the reindeers are tucked up in bed and that kitten on top of that ball of string is brilliant !

    Well done Sazzle, I hope you bake yourself a very special Graduation cake when the time comes ha ha :-) xxx

  • Thanks so much poppy :-) Today I've been told the local pub which has built a posh coffee shop wants me to be their main supplier - so might be a bigger hobby now!!

    Ohhhhh and I will have a cake poppy, I will. My weakness is fruit cake (sign of old age I think lol)- it's a definite for graduation and I WON'T be sharing!! :-) xxx

  • Brilliant ! Good Luck , I am sure you will be a success, the cakes are amazing !

    I like a nice sponge myself :-) xxx

  • I'll remember that for your first Marathon poppy :-) xxx

  • Ha ha , Deal ! :-) xxx

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