W2R1 completed :)

It was uneven jog. I struggled a lot, with beating, with pacing myself, with controlling my dog. She was anxious during resting/walking periods, sniffing a lot, with some pulling, some stopping.

BUT - I did it :D She did it :D We did it :D

In the end, there are no bad runs. Just the one that happened and one that doesn't. What this run thought me?

1. I have amazin support in here. Special thanks for my today's bmotivational group (order accidental): RainbowC , Oldfloss , Bonkersbrit , toria36 , Koraline , GoogleMe , Slinkyminky , Aimeexdx , Whatsapp :) If not you, I would be laying on the couch.

2. I need to properly walk my dog with ablot of sniffing time and play time before running with her.

3. I need to run slower, as I had problems with talkin to my dog, as I was encouraging and praising my dog to run along my side.


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10 Replies

  • You're brave, taking your dog along. I tried jogging with my dog and she thought I was playing. She kept running under my feet ant nearly tripping me over! Keep up the good work 😀

  • I'm learning hoe to run with her and she is learning what I expect from her. It is the beginning of our journey, so there are good and bad moments ;) Eventually we will be runnin happily and safely :)

  • Good going IgaT. Enjoy the well deserved, satisfied feeling of job done! 👍

  • Yay well done 👍

    Bet you feel so much better for getting out there and not just crashing on the couch 😁

    I run with my dog, I usually take him for a walk first though to get all the sniffing and toilet stops out of the way

  • I usually take her for a walk before running, but today my partner was home and she took her for a toilet walk. Later I asked, it was a short one, as the weather was awful.

  • Well done! I also run with my dog so I feel your pain with the stopping/sniffing. I also did run 1 week 2 today :)

  • Yay well done! I managed mine too, later than expected, but still. My 2nd 3 min run was a killer tho. Hope it gets easier Wednesday x

  • Maybe today was just a hard day to run, e.g. due to atmospheric pressure or sth.

  • You did it... and that is all that matters.x

    You .. and your dog will get there... it is a learning process for us all :)

    Very well done :)

  • Thank you :) We're getting closer with each run.

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