So after my W3R2 on Tuesday and pushing myself to swim 2.5k yesterday on my "rest day" I was feeling really positive about W3R3 this morning. My son let me sleep all night undisturbed and didn't wake up till 07.15 (which is a massive lie in in our house believe me!) and I even felt confident enough to wear my running kit when I went to drop my son off at nursery this morning (wouldn't have dared to do that 3 weeks ago). So all was going well until I got back to the house and started to get organised for my run. Where was my MP3 player????!!!!!!

Ok so I had a limited time window for the run before having to be the other side of the county for an appointment, and I didn't really think I'd have time to go again before Saturday at some point, AND I really really really wanted to go on this run (who'd have thought I'd say that a few weeks ago)! So I stormed round the house creating a right mess looking for my MP3 player when suddenly I noticed something was clunking as it went round in the washing machine :-S All of a sudden I remembered meeting my husband and son out on a walk on my way home from my run on Tuesday and asking my hubby to put the player in his pocket when my son wanted me to carry him :-S Disaster! I was so pee'd off - especially as I'd chucked that washing in the machine this morning without checking pockets (as usual) and I should know better!

Anyway, completely furious by this point (not sure who more at, myself or my husband), I decided my only choice if I wanted to run was to go out alone without Laura! I set off and just tried to judge everything by the distance/landmarks I went by earlier in the week and then added a little bit extra to make sure I wasn't underestimating it. Was so much harder without music or Laura's encouraging words, but I did it! I even added an extra run at the end (again - whoops!) as I felt motivated and didn't want to start W4 and realise I might not have done enough today.

One meeting successfully finished, one angry email pinged off to my husband, one fruitless search of the washing in the machine, and I've found my MP3 player safe and dry on top of the piano where only I could possibly have left it! <sheepish face>...

So anyway - W3 completed, MP3 player safe and dry and in other news I have now lost 17.3kg since beginning of June! On to W4... :D


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12 Replies

  • What a brilliant post - you really made me laugh! Your poor husband, taking the blame for something that never happened!

    Well done you for having the determination to get out there, come what may. That determination will get you through the next 5 weeks to graduation :-)

    Huge congratulations on your weight loss too - amazing!!

  • Thanks Honorsmum! Glad I made you laugh - had to laugh at myself when I found the damn thing!!

  • So glad the MP3 player will feature Laura's voice once again! Amazing how this running is changing our priorities.

  • Thanks susan22, know what you mean re the priority change. I've just got back from swimming again this evening and my next "exercise slot" is my run on Sunday evening but I've just been saying to my husband that I've got itchy feet to get out and do something sooner... <addicted to exercise already blush>

  • Ha ...glad you found it safe and sound but oh, what a good chuckle you gave me :) Well done on completing W3, massive well done on your amazing weight loss to date and good luck with W4 .

  • Great news, both about finishing week 3 and the incredible weight loss. You're obviously now becoming a lean, mean, fighting and running machine - poor hubby in the firing line! Best of luck for week 4, sounds like you're fired up and raring to go!

  • Great blog and glad your mp3 is safe I still run with laura love her lol she gets me round ! And well done on weight loss sounds like your doing great and heres to a nights sleep I have a little one and know what you mean as im writing this both still asleep must stop now them ha ha keep it up katex

  • Great blog, made me chuckle.

    I don't suppose my son's mobile phone is on top of your piano? We haven't seen it for days, and I am on the verge of buying a new one. :-D

  • Nerdio - have just had a good hunt on top of the piano and found a vast array of items that instead of putting away I've moved to a new pile on top of the dresser! No sign of your son's phone though... ;)

  • Thanks for checking :)

  • What a great story! So glad you found the MP3 player safe & sound, and many congrats on the weight loss - very impressive.

    Enjoy W4 - sounds like you will!

  • Lol brill, well done you for keeping going anyhow!

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