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Week 5 Run 2 - Fail and trail rage

I am really starting to think that I might never be able to compete this run and that the universe is conspiring against me! Yesterday I was just leaving the house for my run and I heard a clink. My key was no longer in my running belt and my husband and little girl were out. Aaaaagh. Stopped the podcast to hunt for key. Eventually found it down the side of a drain cover all bent. Just about managed to open door. No spare key so stepped on it to try to straighten it and tested it in door to see if it would work again. As I slightly bent it to try to get it in the lock, it snapped in two. Cue having to get lock replaced and call landlord to apologise all in my running gear without even having done the run!

My husband let me try again today even though it was his running day and I got out of the house and started the walk and my IPod unexpectedly ran out of battery. I returned to the house determined not to be beaten again and borrowed my husband mp3 player. I started again. Just after 4 minutes into the first run in the heat, a loose dog started running after me and growling and nosing my legs. I was pretty annoyed as the woman whose dog it was didn't seem to be making much effort to control it. When I complained that it wasn't on a lead the woman told me to stop jogging so she could get it on a lead. Rather frustrated at the fact that my podcast attempt had been thwarted, I stopped and let them get ahead. A while later when I neared them again, the dog was still loose and some way behind its owner looking as though it would chase me if I came closer. Fearing I would be bitten, I stopped again and complained once more about the fact that it still wasn't on a lead, but the woman just shouted that she was trying to walk her dog and didn't even attempt to put it on a lead.

Fortunately they did leave the field a short while later, but I now feel cross that the woman didn't seem to think that I had a right to jog where she wanted to exercise her dog, annoyed with myself that I exchanged heated words with someone in my village as it probably won't be the last time I see her, and frustrated that I still haven't completed Week5 Run2!

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Oh NO!!!! Dogs and their owners. The dogs cause sheer terror in me (have been bitten twice by Alsatians as an adult) and I can't bear it when dogs growl at me. The owners look at you as if you are stupid and when you ask them to keep their dog back they just say 'Aw, it's only being friendly - it won't hurt you') Bollocks I say - I don't KNOW it won't hurt me. Sorry for the bad language but it is totally inconsiderate of the owners not to appreciate other peoples anxieties. Dogs, their foul mess and their selfish owners are my hobby horse!

Pity about the house keys - that must have been very annoying. One day you will smile about all this. But don't be put off. You are doing really well keeping on getting out there.

I should be doing W5R1 on Friday - if I waken in time! So I'm not far behind you now.

Keep up the good work you've done so far. Don't worry if you see your lady again. I'm sure she's thick skinned enough not to be worried about you telling her. Just try to enjoy your running - don't let her spoil it!


Thank you very much for the support and making me smile. Moaning about dogs wad making me feel like a right grumpy old woman! I have a dog myself, but I usually keep him on a lead unless I have a field to myself. I would never let him bother anyone or walk away from me so I can't see where he goes to the toilet! I do really hope that the woman and dog aren't out the next time I try the run! Good luck with your next run. You may well catch me up again!


That's ok. I am an absolute wuss around dogs. They scare me witless! I really am a grumpy old 'I don't know what' when it comes to dogs! Funny, I can open a hive of 50K+ buzzy bees no problem but one dog and I'm a total scardy pants! Have you seen the colour run ads? I really fancy doing one. Everyone else thinks I'm mad but it looks fun!

May be prudent for you to seek another run for a day or two?


Sounds great. But too far away!


I have a friend who is going to do one with me next year but I thought if I booked the Manchester on this year it would motivate me for my 5K. I am on W4R2 right now so I'll look at the numbers - may be too early on 21 July.


Good idea about a new route for a few days, I don't want to bark at any more dog owners! ;)

The color run looks like a lot of fun, but I would probably rather watch one some time than run one! They are quite far from me in Essex though.

Apologies for being totally off topic, but as a brave beekeeper, can you suggest any way that I could encourage some bees to stop nesting in my garage without hurting them? I thought maybe holding a citronella candle in there for a while might help?


I'm afraid once bees are in the fabric of a building the usual advice is to have them destroyed. If you get a contractor in to do it they MUST seal up the entrance to the nest (the hole where the bees are entering/leaving). If they cannot seal it up it is illegal for them to apply the insecticide in the first place. (Other bees will rob out any honey stores and then their colony will die out also.)

You could do it yourself with wasp nest spray but do seal up the entrance (with insulating foam aerosol spray)

You could try looking on website for your nearest Bee Keeping Association and contact them - if they are honey bees. Make sure any holes are filled or have an insect proof mesh over.

Hope this helps!


That's really helpful! Thank you again! My husband just knocked the nest by accident getting stuff out of the garage! I don't dare to go in there!


Oh my gosh! Week 5 Run 2 certainly hasn't been on your side, lol. On the bright side you seem to be sincerely trying very hard to complete it so I'm sure next run will be the charm. Keep on trying, I'm sure you'll get past this blasted week soon. :)



Thanks! It had been a bit of a farce! I am going to persevere and hope that I manage to have a run without so much drama again soon!


With a bit of luck if you do see this woman and her dog again, she'll put it on the lead, even if she is muttering about you.

There are some woods I often run in that I usually get to myself and a few times recently the dog has pursued her own agenda. Not today (something to do with running with a full treat bag????) - but when I got back to the car I realised that someone else's dog had not just put muddy paws on the side of the car but left big scratches.


How annoying for you! Hope you can sort it out without too much expense. I don't have much faith that this woman will ever put her dog on a lead though...


Dog owners boil my water too... I had a gorgeous springer who was never on a lead - because he sledom bothered people and I used to call him to heel for bikes and runners in case he wanted to say 'hi'

Couple of weeks ago I saw two terriers chase an old man on his bike, then they turned their attention to me, running up and jumping at me growling and snapping. When I called to the idiot owners sitting on their doorstep in the sun I got foul mouthed abuse so my run was abandoned as they wouldn't stop chasing me

Then the other week in the park two playful labs ran RIGHT in front of me on the path and giggling the daft bat with them said 'oooopsie'. At that point I had a black eye, broken nose, abrasions all over my face and broken teeth from a (non running) accident a week before.

Wouldn't occur to her someone's blooming dog might have tripped me over while running clearly!

I love dogs and am currently looking for a running companion but it'll be well trained and under control at all times

Good luck with the plan big-momma - I stumbled on week 5 too. You'll get there, and you'll feel so good when you do


Thank you. Hope that your recovery is going well. I am surprised that she didn't ask if you were ok! I don't mind dogs loose if they are not intimidating, or trying to trip me like the ones you encountered. I wish that a few inconsiderate dog owners didn't tarnish the reputation of everyone else too. My spaniel is really gentle!


Yep it's the owners, not the dogs... dogs are naturally inquisitive so I always used to gauge the person's reaction and always called him away from people focused on their sport (and kids with balls cos he'd nick them ha ha). Oz was gentle too

I'm recovering now, 5 weeks today, I've only just started running again properly. I went out for a jog after a couple of days but it worried my son and my partner so I was sensible

Very few people asked what had happened, I welcomed those who did but most either looked away or their 'faces said it all' and they'd formed their own opinions ha ha.


Hope that you are still taking it easy with the running! Watch out for runaway labs and I will watch out for intimidating dog owners!


Many dog owners are very selfish. There is a footpath through the field where I used to keep my horses. A family walked the footpath one day and had two dogs, both on leads. However, a minute later I saw my younger horse rearing up and went out to see what was going on. The owner of one of the dogs had let it's retractable lead out to full length so it could snap at the horse and the owner also left the footpath to allow the dog to get closer to the horse. The retractable lead (thin cord) was running round the back of the horse's legs. I let rip at the owner and pointed out that he should keep the dog close to him when walking through a field that had livestock in it and that he had left the footpath and was now trespassing on the field. As there was a footpath through the next field, also with our horses in it, I escorted the family through to make sure they kept them properly under control.

I have also been chased by dogs whilst out running where the owners have made no attempt to control their pets. I have a dog myself but always keep him on a lead and carry nappy bags with me to clean up after him - other dog owners should do the same. On one occasion I reported a dog owner to the police as he let his two dogs run loose on the road and they were running around my car and jumping on it as I was trying to drive along that road. The same dogs also chase horses out on the same road. I don't know if these ignorant dog owners are aware that they are, in fact, breaking the law if their dogs are not under control. Pity we can't just shoot them - the owners I mean!


How can anyone let their dogs be so cruel to horses. sounds as though the other dog owner could have been endangering his own dogs as well as you. :(


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