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Disaster struck!

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Didn't get to do my W4 R3 yesterday due to an incident when out with the grandchildren on Wednesday (my birthday). My grandson and I were pushing a buggy when his foot in a trainer collided with my toe (in sandals). I've never felt like pain like it and then my toe swelled up to at least twice the size! Its now gone a shade of blue/black. Initially everyone thought I had broken my toe, however I think its just bruised very badly. Then it sunk in that would not be able to run and I'm not ashamed to say that I had a little cry. To top it all I weighed myself this morning and have actually put on weight plus upon looking in the mirror I looked more out of shape than ever. I really dont know whats going on, I eat healthily and have adjusted my portions so am not eating too much. If anyone can shed any light on this and help me I'd appreciate cos although Ive noticed I do have more energy, it's not showing physically and I would have expected running every other day to have some effect!! Feeling very down and despondent about this.

Anyway it doesnt look like I'll be running anytime soon as have got to get this swelling down and although I am able to walk, the bruise is painful and I can wear trainers because of the pressure on top of the toe.

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Ahhhh how frustrating!!!!! I am at exactly the same stage as you (W4R3 today), and I would definitely be crying if I thought I would have to pause the programme. So sorry to hear about this.. and toes can be bloody painful!

Don't give up, if there is one thing I've learnt on here it's that you only fail if you get back on the couch and don't get up again. It looks like most people on here have had an accident/injury at one point. I've been lucky so far but we are all human and this is going to happen to all of us.

Now you are totally being tested mentally. This is also a part of the programme! You have to look at it like that until you are able to run again. You are still here, still doing it. Stay on this forum and maybe give some of the earlier weeks some encouragement. Be in this positive space.

As far as physical body changes go, don't get too hung up on this. We are still new runners and when we are running 5K/30 mins a few times a week there will be more muscle, less fat and our insides will be 1000% healthier.


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Moomin63Graduate in reply to sally1993

Thanks for your support Sally1993. I will try and stay positive.. Its so difficult when youve had so much momentum before and then some silly little accident puts you back. Just hope I wont have to take too long a break to get back into it. I really dont want to go back to square one.

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Wearing barefoot shoes, I've had my fair share of toe stubs, etc., especially in the early days. I can empathise with your predicament. I'll spare you the photos.

As to weight, some of that might be fluid retention in the leg muscles as they repair themselves. If so, you'll shed that in a few weeks. As others will say, the best measure for progress with this is a tape measure. Your clothes should be getting a little looser.

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Moomin63Graduate in reply to nowster

Thanks nowster I didn’t know your leg muscles could retain water! I’m learning so much! I guess I have to be patient.

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Moomin63

The micro-tears you make in muscles when exercising can take on fluids, just like any larger injury causes a swelling. (It's those micro injuries which are why rest days are not optional.)

And you'll be replacing fat with muscle. This doesn't usually cause a change in weight. Muscle is denser than fat, so takes up less space. Many here report getting more trim but not losing any weight.

I first noticed that my trouser belt was no longer straining about the end of week 3.

Sorry to hear about the toe. Hopefully you can get back out there once it's healed.

I completely identify with how you're feeling. I too have put weight on and don't seem to be seeing any difference despite running for 30mins now, three times a week. However, a good friend of mine who also runs is seeing a personal trainer and she shared her results. They must have some special scales because they were able to see how much body fat she had lost and then how much muscle she had gained. If you looked at the weight figure alone, she had gained, but when you broke it down to see that it was mostly muscle gain she did feel better. I'm hoping that's what mine is 😂 I know others measure themselves as it's not always easy to see changes in the mirror.

Well done you though for getting out there and for increasing your stamina. You'll be improving both your heart and your mind.

Hope the toe heals soon and I look forward to reading your future posts of how you're smashing it x

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Moomin63Graduate in reply to Thisoneistrying

Thankyou that’s encouraging to hear! It’s just that you always equate doing well through seeing weight loss and a slimmer tummy and when that doesn’t happen you just feel so dissapointed! However I should be satisfied that I do feel more healthy and that perhaps it is muscle gain! Thanks for your words of support 😀

Oh you poor thing, let’s hope it goes down over the next few days and you can get out for a run

No diet advice apart from drink plenty of water, drink and drink all through the day

Oh and measure yourself, I lost no weight but 3 inches off my waist from the start of c25k to running 5k very slowly

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Moomin63Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

Thankyou! Yes I do drink loads. Very good to hear you lost 3 inches! I have measured my waist and can only see half an inch reduction in waist but guess that’s a start!

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Moomin63

You are only on week 4 it takes months to change body shape but it is the best way to do it

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I’m sorry to hear about your toe - heal well. 😄

The running will politely wait for you! Life just gets in the way at times which is frustrating, we all have glitches.

I have had lots of interruptions to my running over the last three years, but I have returned to it as soon as possible again and again. I am so glad that I have persisted in doing that because I am enjoying the many benefits that running gives. I’m 61 & run very slowly, I may never run in a race, but I can see noticeable improvements such as how easily I can walk uphill (Lake District, Scotland), weight control and a general feeling of well-being. 😄

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Moomin63Graduate in reply to Elfe5

Thankyou for the sympathy! I’ve just turned 64 and I too run very slowly but that’s what we are all told to do right? So we must be doing something right. Well done to you for returning over and over again. I hope I will be able to do the same soon! I wish I could speed up the healing process!!

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to Moomin63

Yes indeed, slow & steady is exactly what we are told. 😄👍🏻

It might help to do something while your toe mends to work on fitness. - Yoga, Pilates?? Cycling might be possible earlier than running?? There will be lots on YouTube. 😄

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Hi Moomin - so sorry to hear about your toe. Funnily enough, I stubbed my toe on the stairs the day before I was due to do W4R3. I was having some problems with my knee whilst running and didn't lift my leg up enough to get up the stair!! It was agony and like you, it swelled up and was black and blue. I took a week off running - which amounted to 4 runs in all - and then I did a test run for a couple of minutes and it felt okay so I carried on running the next week. I have to report that that was about 12 weeks ago and I'm still not convinced that my toe isn't broken but I don't feel it when I run - probably not recommended but there you go. It didn't make any difference to my progress - I just repeated the week 4 and then carried on. I think you just need to see how it feels.

As to weight loss, me too - I am now running 5K three times a week and my weight is staying about the same each week when I weigh myself. It is frustrating but at the end of the day, it's good to feel that you're improving your health, fitness and well-being.

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Moomin63Graduate in reply to hel594

Oh wow what a coincidence poor you! Yes I think mine will take about a week (I hope) I agree about improving the health and fitness but I have put on at least half a stone during lockdown and need to lose it as it’s accumulated around my waist and tummy which is not ideal. I think I probably need to re examine my eating ( I think I eat healthily lots of salads etc!) but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Anyway I cant wait to get back to the programme and try my new leggings out ( with phone pocket yay!)

Thanks for your support! 😁

So sorry to hear about your toe. Take some healing time off and believe in all that hard work to date. You will still be able to pick up where you left off. The rest might even invigorate you! As to weight I'm at the same stage as you, have shed loads of weight to lose and haven't seen any change since starting the programme (that's despite losing 2 and a half stone in early lockdown doing an indoor walking programme). Yesterday however someone asked had I lost weight when they were walking behind me! Check out you derriere in the mirror maybe the change is there. My front view is certainly the same Weeble I always see! Keep positive as this is just a tiny blip x

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Moomin63Graduate in reply to healthy-laughter

Thanks so much. That’s made me feel better! Well done for shedding 2.5 stone! Wow 🤩. Oh and I shall definitely be checking out the derrière!!

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Sorry to hear about your toe. Hopefully the bruising and swelling will go down soon so you can try a test run and see. As everyone has said below, don’t worry about the weight. I am starting to notice a difference in toning round my knees and bum but don’t really see it on the scales. My daughter just said forget about weight and go for the endurance, stamina and health benefits.

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Moomin63Graduate in reply to TigerLou

Thankyou. The toe is gradually getting better with ice, rest (as much as is possible!) and ibuprofen. Hoping to get back to running soon. Your daughter is right of course and I’m sure I will see a difference further down the line. The important thing is not to get disheartened and that’s what’s good about the forum, there’s always someone to pick you up! 😀

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