Couch to 5K

Yeeeeeay, Week 5 complete, onto Week 6!!!!

Loved my run tonight! Took me a while to find my rhythm and ignore the podcast music (not really to my taste...) but once I got in the zone it was great. Got my breathing nice and regular, bit like breathing through labour pains, haha!! Lovely sunset tonight too, which topped it off nicely.

The back of my left leg (Achilles tendon?) feels a bit sore, as it has done after the longer runs lately, but not too sore that it's painful. My knees used to feel uncomfortable but now feel fine, so hopefully this slight niggle will 'iron itself out' soon too.

So to all the others who have completed week 5 this recently, yay us!!! :)

I have also recruited a colleague at work into the programme, so she might pop up on the forum soon! Spreading the word, you see...

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Well done you must feel fantastic I am about to do the last run of week 4 and in an odd way I am looking forward to seeing if I can do week 5. Good luck for week 6


Sounds like you did a brilliant job! Welcome to the 'done week 5' club!

I felt a bit battered yesterday but felt fine this morning. Laura is fab because I have always felt fine the day after. Now, edqa233, feel smug and beam!


Thanks! Definitely beaming, with much smugness :)


There's no going back now, you are definitely a runner. Well done.


WooHoo! We rock :)


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